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Learn English with News: The 10 Best Channels and Apps

It is very important to keep up to date with the latest developments in world affairs, but how do you do that when you are not fluent in English and sometimes have difficulty understanding the reports and news? We recommend spending some time on these 10 news channels to learn English while staying up to date.

1. BBC News / BBC World News

British English

With almost 23,000 employees, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC for short) the oldest and largest broadcaster in the world. She is known for taking a neutral stance in her reporting, and her contributions are easy to understand and often quite short. As an added bonus, the BBC offers tons of interesting video content. The news channel BBC World News is also worth a closer look - here you will find the same high quality of reporting as on television and you can receive the station almost anywhere in the world.

2. Channel 4 News

British English

If politics is your thing, UK Channel 4 has the news programs for you. Known for its objectivity, the station also addresses difficult topics that some of the other UK news channels tend to ignore. The language is a bit more complex here, which is also due to the large number of political and economic reports, but if you face this challenge, you will make great progress quickly and you will also be fully informed.

3. Sky News

British English

This British news channel is based on American formats and is therefore generally louder and more entertaining than, for example, BBC World News, but this also means that controversial or difficult topics are discussed less often. The language is easy to understand and the news anchors have different regional accents, so this is a great place to practice understanding people from different parts of the UK, because English doesn't sound the same everywhere.

4. Al Jazeera

Different English dialects

Al Jazeera (which means ‘the island’ in Arabic) is a Qatar broadcasting group that specializes in news and reports on news topics from around the world. The news anchors also come from all over the world and therefore present a variety of linguistic accents, including British, American, Australian and South African English. With the help of this transmitter you can get to know different dialects and at the same time get a different perspective on world events.

5. Huffpost

American English

One of the most popular sources for a more relaxed look at current affairs is HuffPost (formerly Huffington Post). Due to its liberal political stance, the website does not shy away from controversial topics that it presents side by side with entertainment content. From TV series to celebrity topics, everything has its place, and that means that the language is always clear, easy to understand and light-footed.

6. CNN

American English

Even if it is not the oldest broadcasting group in the United States, CNN has established itself as the first address for current affairs and is perceived accordingly both in its own country and around the world. CNN was the first television channel to broadcast news for 24 hours, and the day's announcements are often repeated in spoken and written form (shown as a treadmill in the lower third of the screen), so that the programs are ideal for practicing: you hear and see the same expressions and phrases again and again. News anchors and reporters come from all over the world, which also helps improve listening skills. You should also take a look at the CNN website and app - both provide comprehensive information and are well thought out.

7. Vice

Canadian English

Vice is a magazine that takes place both online and offline and combines the latest news from all over the world with casual reports, chic graphics, videos and much more. The website is cool and tidy, so that it is easy to find your way around and like to click around. But make sure to load the English-language original instead of the German version, because you want to improve your language skills, right?

8. The Quartz App

All English dialects

This super cool app sends the latest headlines straight to your phone and you can respond with a text message for more information on a topic. The perfect pocket companion to get a quick overview of the most interesting news of the day and to practice English at the same time. The tone is very relaxed here, so the app is your first choice if you still have difficulties with the more complex reports from the other channels. It is also updated several times a day, so you can check it out in the morning and in the evening and have already built two exercise units into your everyday life.

9. Digital Spy

British English

Do you live anywhere in the uk? Digital Spy has become the most popular source of news from the UK entertainment industry. The headlines are fun and easy, and it's all about show business. Especially useful if you live on the island and want to have a say. Find out what everyone is talking about at Digital Spy.

10. The New York Times

American English

When it comes to news, you can hardly have more prestige than the world famous New York Times. The newspaper was founded back in 1851 and has provided America and the world with major headlines and extensive coverage for more than a century and a half. Anyone can try their hand at the New York Times articles, but you will probably get along better with them if you already have a higher level of vocabulary and more complex vocabulary. If you are old-fashioned on printed paper, you can get the New York Times almost everywhere in the world as a classic daily newspaper at the kiosk - certainly the most stylish companion for your first cup of coffee in the morning.