What was President Trump's most outrageous claim

Donald Trump's most absurd appearances

US President Donald Trump continues to surprise with his unpredictable behavior. He railed against journalists or actors and ignored rules of good behavior.

His interests are diverse: politics, autism, climate change or trucks. Millions of followers follow his tirades on Twitter, the whole world watches one of the most powerful men in the world on television.

Even away from social networks, Trump regularly manages to attract attention. Laughter is inevitable.

Trump has been at war with journalists for a long time, and the dispute is escalating with CNN reporter Jim Acosta. The president reacts indignantly to his questions and withdraws his accreditation for the White House.

Photo: Screenshot / Twitter @realdDonaldTrump
Trump boards Air Force One with toilet paper stuck to his shoe

A piece of toilet paper sticks to his shoe as Trump steps onto Air Force One. Several subordinates watch the scene, but nobody says anything.

Photo: Screenshot / Twitter @realdDonaldTrump

Trump has emphasized several times that he has big hands. To drink from a water bottle, he still uses both.

Photo: Screenshot / Twitter @realdDonaldTrump

If an unfolded umbrella doesn't fit through the aircraft door, it just has to stay outside.

Maybe the inner child in Trump will come out while he is at the wheel of a truck. In any case, he mimes the truck driver with passion.

The audience in front of the White House remind Trump not to look into the solar eclipse with the naked eye.

During the election campaign, Trump found out almost first hand that the official heraldic bird of the USA is not a tame pet.

A storm blows as Trump boards Air Force One. There is probably no place under his umbrella for First Lady Melania and their son Barron.

During his first NATO summit, Trump probably wanted to be in the front of the photo. The Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic apparently stood in his way. The network reacted indignantly.

Photo: Screenshot / Twitter @realdDonaldTrump

The "United States Code" regulates the correct behavior when the national anthem sounds. If you don't wear a uniform, you should put your right hand on your heart. This also applies to Trump.

The Washington Post is a frequent victim of Trump's media scolding. This is where the newspaper, which is one of the most renowned in the USA, collects its strangest appearances in 2017.