What are the cons of Google Chrome

Google Chrome - advantages and disadvantages of the browser

Google Chrome is the youngest browser among the established models. The program has been stirring up the market since September 2008. In addition to the advantages of speed and design, there are also disadvantages, especially when it comes to data protection.

One of the advantages of the new browser is that each tab runs as a single process. That is why it does not happen that the crash of a registration card paralyzes the entire program. This is a clear improvement for you, as crashes are one of the biggest annoyances. In addition, the new technology brings speed advantages with it. The so-called "rendering engine WebKit" is used, which is already used by the competition.

The benefits of Google Chrome

The extension functions of Google Chrome are particularly interesting. The search engine provider has a wide range of other tools on offer. It therefore makes sense in many cases to create a network. It is up to you whether it is the mail service, the calendar function or Google Earth. In any case, using the mail service offers the possibility of synchronizing your bookmarks on several computers. When using a stationary PC and mobile laptop, the situation is significantly simplified. We are constantly working on further developing the processes. However, there is still some catching up to do compared to the competition.

There are a couple of downsides too

The main disadvantages of the browser are in the area of ​​privacy. Google is being criticized more and more by privacy advocates for the unclean handling of user data. The company collects data in a targeted manner and evaluates it statistically. Due to the high level of public interest, some things have already been downgraded.