What are the achievements of Babar

The season trip for S21

A season theme awaits us in the next season: "Different weather effects". This season buff is immediately active in S21 and is always triggered after 90 seconds. As a reward, another one awaits us Chest compartment,Portrait frame as well as a new one: Pet. In addition to the starter sets, there are two more new sets for demon hunters & necromancers.

Release: It is not yet known when Season 21 will start! The current season ends on June 21st, 2020

Season 21: Rewards & Seasonal Theme

Season 21 sets - Haedrig's gift

We get these sets as a reward on the season trip in the 21st season.

Season 21 rewards

Diablo 3 - Achievements from Season 21

  • Sprinter (Normal) / Speed ​​Mania (Hardcore)
    Complete Acts 1 through 5 in under an hour.
  • Greed (Normal) / Greed for Gold (Hardcore)
    Reaches a 50,000,000 gold streak.
  • Damn and sewn up (normal) / Who would have thought? (Hardcore)
    Kill 350 monsters at maximum level in a Cursed Chest event on Agony 10 or higher difficulty.
  • Demon of Speed ​​(Normal) / Streamlined (Hardcore)
    Complete a Nephalem Rift (Q10) in under 2 minutes.
  • Otherwise it would be too easy (normal) / superhuman (hardcore)
    Reach level 45 Solo Rift without wearing any set items.

Season 21: Cursed and Sewn Up (Achievement)

Season 21: Demon of Speed ​​(2 Minute Rift Achievement)

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