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Jack Russell puppies

Jack Russell puppies - the energetic clowns

Jack Russell puppies, like terriers in general - and the Jack Russell is a terrier - were bred to hunt. These puppies are active and lively and have a very engaging nature.

Jack Russell puppies are happy, small dogs that enchant with their exuberant character and are considered real happiness makers. But they are also very sensitive and have great empathy. They always want to cheer up their masters and perform the craziest dances. Jack Russel puppies require strong leadership, and consistent and loving upbringing must begin as early as the socialization phase.

For Jack Russell puppies, this includes training to stay alone in the house without barking or without destroying the furniture. When you buy a Jack Russel puppy, you have to work very consistently on being on the leash. You will receive a lot of valuable tips and advice in dealing with puppies of this breed in the following chapters.

Buying a Jack Russell Puppy - How Much Do These Puppies Cost?

Jack Russell puppies can be obtained from the breeder you trust for around 1000 euros. If you want to buy a Jack Russell puppy, you should calculate with this amount and also put a few euros aside, which are needed for dog beds, toys, high-quality food, dog taxes, insurance and first visits to the vet. Buying a puppy not only means enjoying a cute four-legged friend, it is also a great financial expense and also means taking on a lot of responsibility.

If you want to buy a puppy, you should definitely contact a real breeder. Only there dogs are mated with the greatest care and expertise. This is important because genetics are crucial to the health of your four-legged friend. Of course, you can also buy puppies, which are offered on the Internet for a few hundred euros.

But always be aware that these are mostly breeders or animals from dog farms that are not bred under the best of circumstances, but are propagated out of greed for profit. It is not uncommon for dramatic inbreeding and serious illnesses to occur. If you buy Jack Russell puppies from a registered breeder, you will receive an animal with a pedigree and papers. These puppies were examined by a veterinarian, chipped and were allowed to grow up lovingly with the dog's mother. These puppies have also been socialized for the first time.

You can buy puppies from the breeder and at least get to know the dog's mother at the same time. The breeder will explain the special features and character of the animals to you and you will usually receive a so-called starter set. In addition to the usual food, such a set includes a dog blanket with the smell of the usual pack. This makes it easier for the Jack Russell puppy to say goodbye and to get used to his new home because he can trust the smell of something familiar.

Buying a Jack Russel puppy - the story of these puppies

Around 1820 in England the pastor John (Jack) Russell began to breed these special terriers. These were explicitly bred from Fox Terriers and their agile nature made them particularly suitable for hunting rabbits. The pastor's former bitch named "Trump" is now considered the mother of all Jack Russel Terriers. These came to Australia with emigrants and traders.

In Australia, these puppies were then systematically bred as they were ideally made for rabbit hunting. Jack Russell puppies have also been officially recognized as pedigree dogs by the FCI since 2000. However, these must always come from the Australian breeding line. The decisive factor for Jack Russell puppies is the distinctive drawing of the fur. On the light fur there are round markings in black, brown or tan and the ears are V-shaped and folded down.

Today Jack Russell puppies and adult dogs are great family dogs that enchant with their cheerful nature and are fun for everyone. These puppies are still trained and bred to hunt today. Since Jack Russell puppies can be trained very well, these dogs are also popular television dogs and can often be admired in the circus. If you want to see a Jack Russell puppy on TV, you should look for the silent film "The Artist". This film is a highlight for all fans of this dog breed.

Buy Jack Russell puppies - the character of these dogs

If you want to buy a Jack Russell puppy, you will soon find yourself in a happy little bundle of energy. Jack Russell Terriers are considered very self-confident dogs and are inquisitive and docile. They pack boldly and are therefore absolutely popular as hunting dogs. These puppies are brave and have high endurance. Jack Russell Terriers are fun, lively, and extremely active. Jack Russel Terriers are famous for their high jumping power and are also often referred to as four-legged rubber balls.

If you want to buy a Jack Russell puppy, you should know that these dogs are especially comfortable in active families. These puppies are also very loyal and very close to their families. If you are going to buy a Jack Russell puppy, you should also know beforehand about his enormous protective instinct. If a strange dog or a strange person approaches, it is usually barked loudly. However, through good socialization and loving training, you should get this under control right from the start.

Jack Russell Terriers are fond of children and constantly encourage them to play. However, these dogs are also very prudent and assess dangerous situations well. If you want to buy a puppy, you have to be prepared for a consistent and loving upbringing at the Jack Russell. Even if these dogs like to learn quickly and easily, their enormous self-confidence often makes the training a little harder. Jack Russels are also known for believing themselves to be a big dog. Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with an enormously large attitude.

Buying a Jack Russell puppy - education

Loving rigor and consistency are the magic words in raising a Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russell Terriers love to learn everything through play. This breed of dog is great at agility and dog sports. They are fast and agile and surprise with their quick perception. Jack Russell Terriers are clowns who show off their tricks and tricks with great devotion, of course to receive a reward in the form of a treat and particularly intense attention afterwards. The possible stubbornness of a Jack Russell can be tricked by a diverse range of sports.

It is important that if you want to buy a Jack Russell puppy, you start training alone a few weeks after moving in. In addition, it is inevitable that you give your dog plenty of power beforehand and that you also offer the puppy the opportunity for entertainment at home. If the dog has to nibble on a Kong and is busy, he will spare the furniture and not inform the neighbors by barking loudly that he is alone in the apartment.

The leash handling is also to be trained from the beginning. Always use a well-fitting harness and not a collar, as the Jack Russell likes to hang on a leash and should not injure itself when exercising.

Jack Russel puppies for sale - appearance

The small bundles of energy are usually 25 - 30 cm tall (height at the withers) and weigh around 5 - 6 kg. Their smooth, rough fur is also referred to as "spiky hair", but its texture makes it very weatherproof and water-repellent. It's white (or light) with black and brown spots.

The tail of the Jack Russell Terrier should always be carried upwards and should only hang down when it is not in use. The rib cage of these animals is strong and strong, and the entire body is said to be muscular. The short legs make the dog agile and manoeuvrable.

Buy Jack Russell puppies - exercise and care

The Jack Russell Terriers are relatively undemanding in their care and rarely need to be bathed. Under no circumstances should their fur be plucked.

Jack Russell Terriers need a lot of exercise and also want to be challenged mentally. You have to offer dogs of this breed not only long walks but also dog sports, agility, obedience or tricks. Jack Russell Terriers are also very persistent and like to accompany you on long hikes.
The Jack Russell Terrier feels at home in small city apartments with enough exercise and is an ideal family dog ​​for active people.

As a beginner dog, the Jack Russell can only be recommended to a limited extent, as it requires consistent training. But if you have a lot of patience, love and time, this dog is right for you.

Typical diseases in the Jack Russell Terrier

This breed is considered to be very robust and less susceptible to disease. If you bought your puppy from a responsible breeder, then many hereditary diseases can also be excluded. Known hereditary diseases affect the eyes of these dogs. The possible disease can, however, be excluded by means of a genetic test. Since Jack Russell Terriers have a very high life expectancy if they are kept carefully and appropriately, you must be aware that you will take on a great deal of responsibility for maybe 18 years.

Buy Jack Russell Terrier - conclusion

Jack Russell Terriers are active dogs and not suitable for couch potatoes. These happy and child-loving dogs are great family dogs that are relatively uncomplicated to keep. Consistent upbringing and loving training are prerequisites for happy cooperation. With a Jack Russell Terrier, you bring an agile dog into your home that always wants to actively participate in your life. It is important that your Jack Russell Terrier is busy, so there are no problems with the upbringing, because these little bundles of energy are in any case inquisitive and docile.