Is moana better than frozen

The long wait for Frozen 2 was definitely worth it

We watched the first trailer for Frozen 2 and tell you what feelings the Frozen 2 preview triggered in us.

Despite milder temperatures, it is still winter. What could fit better than that first trailer for Frozen 2? Disney released the first preview for Frozen 2 without much notice. Of course, we took a look at them straight away and present you our hot (or ice cold?) Reactions here.

Everyone is gripped by the Frozen 2 trailer

I'm crying in Norwegian and didn't think that the trailer for Frozen 2 would catch me so, sorry, freezing. Elsa's surf insert on the roaring surf is already reminiscent of the legendary liberation sequence from the first part. What comes after that is a wonderful iconoclasm that shakes me to the core. The ice queen mingled impetuous montages and landscape shots - The second part has obviously not lost any of this flow. (HRB)

The trailer is surprisingly cool

I admit: I'm not a big fan of Frozen. But the first trailer for Part 2 got me mainly with his atmospheric opening scene surprised. The animations are beyond reproach and look fantastic. Everything seems a bit darker and if I'm honest, I even had a little goose bumps - and not just because it's so cold. (MK)

The Frozen 2 trailer leaves some people cold

Maybe I'm just a cold-blooded person, but the trailer has got inside me triggered no emotions. I really appreciate the predecessor, the Disney Animation Studios have long outstripped Pixar anyway. Part two should also be a successful follow-up work. But what to think of this teaser remains a mystery to me. Except that the approaching giant wave somehow reminds me of Interstellar. (AF)

Frozen 2 will be a road movie

Frozen 2 seems to be heading towards the road movie. I like that! The five friends seen in the teaser are already in Part 1 central and strongest figures, and when you travel, characters and personalities are traditionally always best. I'm looking forward to Frozen 2. As a big The Frozen - Olaf thaws fan, I can of course hardly wait for the next antics of the snowman. Will he play the flute on his little arm again? (RL)

Frozen 2 will plunge us into a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčtears

When it comes to cinema sequels to successful films, I'm actually always skeptical, but at least one thing I have to give Frozen 2 credit for: The movie looks fantastic. I was particularly gripped by the beginning of the teaser trailer, which shows how Elsa tried to make her way across the sea, but the most important factor for me is another one: there is a reunion with my favorite character Olaf! (JU)

Frozen 2 makes everyone sing for joy

The long wait was worth it. There's a lot more to see in Frozen 2 of everything we love: more seasons, more of Elsa's powers and above all more reindeer! Did the teaser really just announce Elsa's long speculated female love interest? And does she have power over the wind? My anticipation cannot be expressed in words, so I sing it ... (MW)

What do you think of the first trailer for Frozen 2?