What does customer experience mean to you

Reviews on websites: that's how important ratings and comment boxes are

The examples show that there are many ways to implement an evaluation system. These do not have to be mutually exclusive and can be easily combined. The Amazon example makes this clear: The review is also linked to an evaluation of the article according to the five-star principle.

There is also the option of evaluating the actual rating with comments and according to the like principle. Some best practices can be derived from these examples. Because in order for customers to really trust the reviews on your website and find this option helpful, you should have some as simple as basic rules note:

  • Reviews, ratings and comment must be authentic. That means: They should really come from customers. Fake reviews often lead to the opposite effect.
  • Accordingly, you should too Don't delete bad reviews or disguise. Instead, it is worthwhile to react objectively to the criticism - for example via a comment box - and to offer help politely.
  • Encourage your users or customers to provide feedback, and proactively seek the exchange. While you receive important information and suggestions, a higher number of reviews simultaneously signals that your offer is very popular - and your users receive important testimonials.
  • The evaluation function must easy to find and straightforward be. Make it as easy as possible for yours to leave reviews on your website.
  • Accordingly, you should also consider what the requirements are so that users can submit reviews on your website: Do users have to be logged in, authenticate themselves via Facebook, Twitter or Google, or can they submit reviews completely anonymously?
  • In large online shops, it is also worthwhile to use the Reward effort: Anyone who writes a particularly large number of helpful reviews on Amazon, for example, will eventually make it into the “reviewer Olympus”. Then each customer review is labeled “Hall of Fame Reviewer” or “Top 500 Reviewer”. That is also motivating.
  • Evaluate the ratings, comments and / or reviews of your customers or visitors on a regular basis. Only if you have the Take criticism seriously and actually draw conclusions from it, you can also improve the quality of the offer and the user experience.

These rules show: Authenticity is the measure of all things for ratings on a website. It is therefore important that the reviews come from real customers, that positive reviews are justified and that critical voices are heard from time to time. Purchased reviews that one-sided only emphasize the positive aspects are quickly recognized by users and become suspicious.

Although negative reviews seem to be a deterrent in the first instance, in the long term there is a good chance that you will achieve even more conversions through trust and credibility - especially if you continuously improve your offer based on user or customer opinions as a result of existing criticism. Of course, this only applies as long as the negative reviews don't get out of hand.