Lasik surgery is painful

Course of the Lasik operation

Depending on which surgical method you and the doctor decide on, the conservative one LASIK OP The cornea of ​​the eye is prepared with an instrument (keratome) and then a thin corneal flap is folded to the side. Then the ametropia is corrected. Then the lid closes the laser zone and protects it permanently.

The course of the procedure

Local anesthesia

The eye surgery is performed under local anesthesia. General anesthesia is not necessary for the short LASIK procedure. The treatment is painless.


Fixing the eye

A spring is used to keep the eye open during the brief procedure. A suction ring is used to hold the eye in position. This fixes the eye.


Cut with the microkeratome

A small incision is made on the cornea to create the flap. This is folded to the side for the use of the laser.


The laser intervention

The laser automatically removes the required amount from the cornea to carry out the correction. Modern technology enables absolutely precise implementation.



The flap is closed again, the treatment is over, the process is over. The entire procedure only takes a few minutes for one eye.


With the ultra-modern Femto-LASIK, the lid is produced without contact using another laser. The correction of the short, wide or corneal curvature is carried out as with the conservative method with the eye laser (excimer laser).

As a rule (if both eyes are ametropic) both eyes are lasered one after the other in one session.

the laser correction only takes a few seconds per eye.

You will feel that as a patient: A brief feeling of pressure when the corneal flap is generated.