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The adjectivecontroversial means "opposite". Often it implies the opposite of the normal or generally accepted, so that it can also mean “controversial” in this sense. Accordingly, one speaks of a substantiatedcontroversy as a disagreement

Origin is the Latincontroversus(opposite), which is composed ofcontra (against) andvertere (turn).


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Phonetic transcription (IPA):[kɔntʁoˈvɛʁs]

Usage examples

The matter wascontroversial discussed.

Also controversy Issues need to be brought up, as uncomfortable as it is.

The proposal resulted in a lengthy, controversial Debate.

Grammar and inflection


controversialmore controversialmost controversial

Strong declination

Masculinemore controversialcontroversialcontroversialcontroversial
Femininecontroversymore controversialmore controversialcontroversy
Pluralcontroversymore controversialcontroversialcontroversy

Weak declination

Masculinethe controversyof controversythe controversialthe controversies
Femininethe controversythe controversiesthe controversiesthe controversy
neuterthe controversyof controversythe controversialthe controversy
Pluralthe controversiesthe controversiesthe controversiesthe controversies

Mixed declension

Masculinenot a controversial onenothing controversialno controversyno controversy
Feminineno controversyno controversyno controversyno controversy
neuternot a controversial onenothing controversialno controversynot a controversial one
Pluralno controversyno controversyno controversyno controversy

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