The people of Thailand celebrate Baisakhi

Interfaith calendar Religious Holidays in April 2021

April 08: Hana Matsuri (Japan)

Buddhists in Japan celebrate the birth of the Buddha with the Hana Matsuri Flower Festival. He is said to have been born under a rain of petals from the hands of heavenly nymphs.

April 13th to May 13th: Ramadan

The Muslim fasting month of Ramadan begins on April 13 this year. Muslims and Muslims then fast for 30 days. Fasting is only interrupted after sunset. Then they meet for supper and Tarawih prayer in the mosque. Those who cannot come to the mosque pray at home.

Since Islam is based on the lunar calendar, which is only 354 days long, Ramadan falls on a different date every year. The end of Ramadan will be celebrated on May 12th in 2021 with the three-day festival of the breaking of the fast. This festival is the highest Muslim holiday after the festival of sacrifice.

April 13-15: Songkran / Water Festival

(Thai Buddhist)

Songkran celebrates the beginning of a new year in Thailand. For this purpose, the believers offer rice, fruits and other foods in the temple and "bathe" the Buddha figures and temple heads on site. In the course of history, these ritual washings have developed in such a way that at Songkran all people pour water over each other from buckets, bottles or water pistols.

April 14: Çarşema Serê Salê / Yazidi New Year

With the New Year celebrations, Yazidis commemorate the creation of the world from an egg. God is said to have created the earth as a frozen egg that the archangel Tausi Melek ("the angel peacock") is said to have broken, helped the earth out and let it bloom splendidly. The festival takes place on the so-called "Red Wednesday". There are different explanations for the color. One is that the red is a synonym for "colorful" and thus for the splendor of the created earth.

The New Year celebrates the whole month: Believers are not allowed to celebrate weddings in April, because there is no more beautiful bride than April.

April 14th: Vaisakhi Festival

On this day, Sikh celebrate the New Year. On April 14, 1699, the 10th Guru Gobind Singh Ji is said to have gathered his followers and founded the community of the Khalsa, which prays and works for the good of mankind.

The Sikh religion was founded in northern India in the 15th century by Guru Nanak. Faith and philosophy of religion build a bridge between Hinduism and Islam. Translated into German, Sikh means as much as pupil.

April 20 to May 1: Ridvan / Declaration of Baha'u'llah


The Ridvan Festival is the largest and most important festival of the Baha'i. It commemorates the proclamation of the founder of the religion, Baha'u'llah, in the garden of Ridvan near Baghdad, to be the new God revealer promised by all religions. The joy of it has been celebrated for twelve days every year since 1863. In these days the believers are looking forward to a new spiritual beginning that will bring peace to all people on earth. The highlight is the Ridvan festival on April 28th.