Realme 3 has 6 GB of RAM

Realme 6: test, camera, display, information, price, availability

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A fast processor, a sharp display with smooth image representation, a large battery, fast charging and a high-resolution camera in daylight - the Realme 6 offers all sorts of solid technology for the low price and is especially interesting for gamers. The biggest weaknesses are the scratch-prone plastic housing, the meager additional lenses and the low screen brightness.

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  • Fast pace
  • Great photos in daylight
  • Sharp display
  • Fast charging technology
  • Full-fledged dual SIM
  • Memory expansion
  • Plastic case
  • Short battery life
  • Low screen brightness
  • No wireless charging
Chinese manufacturers are now flooding the smartphone market: As COMPUTER BILD recently reported, following the pioneer Huawei, other manufacturers from the Far East are now also sensing the chance of success outside their home country. Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are knocking out smartphones in all price ranges and are setting up company locations in Germany, among other things. Realme also mixes in here and there and preferably everywhere: In India the manufacturer is already among the five most popular brands, in Spain it is even the second most popular. Now it should also go to Germany. The prices are aggressively low, the line-up is wide: the Realme C3 is aimed at beginners with simple equipment, the X50 Pro is a technical heavyweight with 5G and the latest Snapdragon processor. The 6 series is positioned between the two extremes, which means: moderate hardware at moderate prices. COMPUTER BILD checks in an extensive laboratory test what the Realme 6 is good for.