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Shipping structures

Settings for individual orders

In addition to the standard requirements described under Conditions for the composition of shipments and shipments and loads, the following settings for warehouse order types define how shipment lines, shipments and, if activated, shipping containers are structured for the composition of loads:

Create the shipment line

When a shipment line is created for a warehouse order and for the order type of this warehouse order Individual order rate per shipment or Single shipment is selected, the shipment line will be linked to an existing shipment if the shipment is with the same warehouse order ( Single shipment is selected) or warehouse order record ( Individual order rate per shipment is selected) is linked. If there is no such shipment, a new shipment will be created. If Single order per load is selected, a new load will be created if there is no matching load.

Shipment lines are generated or created manually during the removal process. For more information, see Outsourcing and Manually Created Shipments.

Moving a shipment line

If a shipment line is for a warehouse order with the order type Single shipment or Individual order rate per shipment you can only move the shipment line to a shipment that belongs to the same warehouse order or warehouse order record. You can also move a shipment line to a shipping container and a load if the shipment for the shipment line and the desired load or shipping container belong to the same warehouse order.

You can move shipment lines from the Consolidate Shipping Structure user interface or from the Consolidate Shipments (whinh4231m000) session.

Moving a program

A shipment can only be moved to a load that is for a warehouse order with the order type Single order per load was created if the shipment belongs to the same warehouse order.

You can move shipments using the Consignment Structure graphical user interface or the Consignment Consignments (whinh4134m000) session.

Compilation of shipping containers

You can move shipments from one shipping container to another container within the same load if the shipments and shipping containers have the status Open to have.

If a shipment for which the shipping directory has already been printed is moved to a different shipping container, a new shipping directory must be printed after the shipment has been moved. If a shipment is added to a shipping container for which a shipping directory has already been printed, the shipping directory must be reprinted.

When a shipment with a handling unit is moved to a shipping container with a handling unit, the handling unit from the shipment is unlinked from the handling unit of the shipping container from which it originates and the handling unit is linked to the shipping container to which it is being moved. In addition, the gross and net weights of the shipping containers are recalculated. You can use the Compose Shipping Structure graphical user interface to assemble shipping containers.