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EZ anniversary: ​​time in the newspaper - the year 1880

In our series on the 150th anniversary of the Eßlinger Zeitung, this time we shed light on the year 1880, in which development cooperation introduced a column of opinion.

Esslingen The year 1880 brought with it a certain domestic political thaw in the German Empire. In July, Chancellor Otto von Bismarck ushered in the end of the “culture war” between the state and the Catholic clergy. Initially for Prussia the blocking of state subsidies to the Catholic Church will be lifted. The relaxation can also be seen in the fact that Kaiser Wilhelm I takes part in the celebration of the completion of Cologne Cathedral in October, 632 years after construction began. The socialist laws remain in force. The Socialist Workers' Party of Germany, which has been banned since 1878, holds its party congress in Switzerland.

The Eßlinger Zeitung introduces a column of opinion this year. The "Esslinger Briefe" analyze, for example, the economic crisis after the stock market crash of 1873. "The rapid leap out of the barriers of the guilds and guilds into the greatest freedom of employment and movement" has many soldiers of fortune and "the contagious addiction to get rich quickly and without effort want "brought forth. "The dizziness was followed by a row and the loss of innumerable private assets and both of these were followed by a lack of business courage and trust."

In particular, local sensitivities are commented on. The Eßlinger Zeitung mocked the fact that the construction of the new train station was still not started seven years after the decision, but the interest for the necessary capital of 400,000 marks was not to be paid, so that savings have been made. "It seems to us that the railroad financiers had decided to build the station with their own interest savings."

Lack of commitment to the city

"Cancer damage that rarely appears in a city like this one" annoys the commentator. The people of Esslingen lack commitment to their city and their achievements. “Here we so often encounter the relentless criticism of domestic bourgeois institutions. There is a lack of local patriotism. ”This is why the local craftsmen are also lacking appropriate encouragement. Expensive furniture is more likely to be bought in Stuttgart than from a carpenter in the city. "How is this excellently represented trade of furniture makers able to get along when their own fellow citizens ruthlessly punish them with contempt?" This leads to a very modern-sounding proposal. In view of the still vacant courthouse “the thought occurs to us whether the jury courtroom might not be suitable as a permanent exhibition space for local traders”.

But there is also a lot to praise. In particular, “in the field of folk song”, “wonderful fruits have ripened”, but the “capable singing forces” are spread over five clubs. The fragmentation is based on class barriers that have long been overcome and is no longer appropriate for civil society. If the oldest associations of the Bürgergesangverein and Liederkranz came together, "the ennobling power of tones alone could be the means to an end common to all, and could be trained in a large union for the comparatively highest achievement".

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