What exactly does Django do

Edit content intuitively with django CMS

django CMS offers a very simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface for editing all the content of your website. This makes it one of the most user-friendly content management systems on the market that also includes complex functions such as multi-language publishing workflows as standard.

As a web agency in the heart of Basel, we rely exclusively on django CMS, as it also offers the optimal basis for individual web development and appealing web designs.

  • Edit content “live” directly in the frontend
  • User-friendly word processing without training
  • We expand django CMS exactly according to your wishes
  • Thanks to open source, there is no dependency on third-party providers
  • High security and very active developer community

A double click on text, images, buttons and other content opens the pop-up window for editing: even untrained users cannot manage content more easily. Incidentally, these can exist independently of one another in several language versions. It is up to the editor to decide which areas have a translation and what should happen if it is missing.

In addition to the basic functions that can be expected in every CMS, django CMS has the following noteworthy properties:

  • Multi-site capability: Ability to manage multiple websites with one django CMS installation
  • Multilingualism: possibility of creating the content of websites in several language versions
  • Front-end editing: possibility to edit web pages directly in their original view
  • WYSIWYG editor: The editor displays the texts directly as they will be displayed later
  • Drag and drop editing: You can move elements by dragging and dropping them with the mouse
  • Multi-user system: Fine-grained rights management for users of the CMS with different rights
  • Closed User Group: The visibility of individual pages can be restricted to certain users or groups
  • Responsive web design: By implementing Bootstrap, the websites created are always "responsive"
  • UTF-8 support: Enable all characters in any language, e.g. Greek, Russian, Chinese, etc.
  • Expandable with plug-ins: Possibility to expand the system scope with individual software modules and to carry out targeted web development

We would be happy to show you the full scope with a non-binding django CMS demo.

Incidentally, django CMS also comes with the necessary tools for search engine optimization (SEO):

  • Edit independently: HTML title, page description, headings (H1), content, image labels (alt text) and much more.
  • Direct access to Robots.txt and URL redirects (status code 301)
  • Automatic URL breakdown of HTTP (S) and www as well as final "/" including languages

The Django web framework

django CMS is based on Django which is considered one of the next generation web frameworks. A Django programmer has to write less than half the source code than a PHP programmer would have to do to get the same result. Many well-known companies from Silicon Valley such as Pinterest or Instagram rely on Django.

The programming language in which django CMS was written is Python. It is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world and is object-oriented. Numerous companies and organizations such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), NASA, Youtube or Google rely on Python.

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