Are you training at all

It's very easy:
Everyone wants to be muscular, so they pump something and drink their protein shakes diligently. We get the training plans on the Internet, watch a few training videos on YouTube or ask a friend who is familiar with them. Nothing can go wrong there, right? Or maybe yes? Why is it that, despite unlimited access to information about training with weights, we seem to have more unresolved questions than should actually be the case? There won't be an ultimate solution - but on 400 pages you will find everything you need to decide the game in your favor:
(1) The analysis, comparison and evaluation of the most successful weight training programs ever developed. No author has so far compiled and discussed these systems in a German-language work. In addition, there are clear explanations of the most important forms of periodization in strength training.
(2) Expert interviews provide information that you can search for a long time on the Internet, but will not find anywhere. Uncensored, an internationally successful strength and conditioning trainer, a natural bodybuilding world champion and a young powerlifting champion speak up.
(3) Authentic and provocative information from 20 years in the strength sports scene is processed in an entertaining way.
At the end of our trip you will be able to filter information and assess it competently.
You can now see the difference between bulls t and really good information for training planning in the areas of strength and muscle building.
You will see things more clearly.
ISBN / GTIN978-3-7412-6686-7
Binding: paperboard, paperback
Release date 01/17/2017
Beuter, Markus
The trained pedagogue Markus Beuter dedicated himself to weight training early on and always works on not being misled by himself or others. He has been walking in all fields of iron sports for 20 years and critically observes the development of information culture through the Internet. The national champion in powerlifting, who has always remained a bodybuilder at heart, has a top-class network of trainers, amateur and professional strength athletes who support him in exposing flimsy trends and the hype in the strength sports and fitness scene as such. It has always been his aim to provide his environment with the right impulses so that everyone has the chance to find their own solution.