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We have Kerala only briefly touched in the north, we have that on the coast Bekal Fort viewed and then a lazy day at the hotel Oyster Opera inserted. Later we were in for a few more days Wayanadthat too Kerala belongs.

Kasargod is the northernmost district of Kerala. It is limited by the state Karnataka to the north and east, from the Arabian Sea to the west and from Kerala-District Kannur in the south. Its capital is the port city Kasargod. We lived in this district for two nights.

We only drove through Kannur a little further south. This district shares its limit Kasaragod in the north and the KozhikodeDistrict in the south. Lies in the east Karnataka and to the west also the Arabian Sea. The name of this district is from the capital Kannur derived.

The capital of Wayanad is Kalpetta. The district is known as a green paradise because of its dense forest. Spices thrive here: pepper, cardamom, coffee and tea. Kannur, Karnataka and Mallapuram are the neighbors to the north, east and south. The district is to the west Kozhikode.

If you are from Karnataka from after Kerala comes, then this India seems like another world. The streets are suddenly better, wider and have a median. People are not doing badly in Kerala. Life expectancy is almost as high as Europe and the population is the most educated in India. 90 percent of all women and men here can read and write.

Most of the residents of Kerala live in villages, between green rice fields, coconut plantations, tea plantations, spice gardens and banana plantations. Already by the early explorers it was Kerala called the Garden of Eden because the region is very fertile.

The name Kerala literally means "land of coconut palms" and 45% of the entire Indian harvest of coconuts comes from here. It is derived from the Malayalam words kera for coconut palm and alam for land.

Islam and Communism

The main language Malayalam is spoken by almost 97 percent of the population, here in the northernmost district Kasaragod the coast is home to about 120,000 people Tulu spoken. There are also along the north coast Konkani-Speaker, but you can get on well with English everywhere because it is widely used as an educational and business language.

In the north we noticed two things that are not typical for the Indian street scene. For one thing, there are magnificent, colorful mosques and many veiled women everywhere. There are also many Christian churches. On the other side you can see entire flag parks, monuments and kiosk-shaped small party offices of the Communist Party, which is very strong in Kerala.

Islam was in Kerala not as in North India by Central Asian conquerors, but introduced much earlier by Arab traders. Because there is little industry in Kerala there the unemployment rate is one of the highest in India. Lots of well educated people out there KeralaThose who look in vain for work at home find a job as guest workers abroad, especially in the countries on the Arabian Gulf. The remittances from foreign Keralese to their families contribute significantly to the relatively high standard of living in Kerala at.

The first general election in Kerala took place in 1957, which resulted in the Communist Party of India (Communist Party of India - CPI) emerged as the winner. For the first time, the Congress Party lost an election in independent India. Since then, the Communists and the Congress Party have alternated as government power in almost every election.

Because of the success of the teachings of the Keralesian social reformer Narayana Guru(1856–1928) in the struggle for social progress and against the caste system was among the people Keralas an ideology of equality of all a perfectly normal thing. So the communist party was able to prove itself again and again in reality, was elected and voted out again, and managed to improve the living conditions of many.

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