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  • Tom Monaghan and his brother James buy "DomiNicks's" a pizza shop in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Monaghan borrowed $ 900 for this.

    Tom Monaghan, sole owner of the company, renames it "Domino's Pizza, Inc.".

  • Opening of the 200th Domino's store.

  • The 5,000th Domino's store opens.

    First Domino's stores open in Australia, England, Japan and Colombia.

    Introduction of the first in-house creation: the pan pizza

  • Domino‘s signs its 1,000th franchise agreement and opens its 6,000th store

    The thin base of the "thin crust pizza" is rolled out.

    New store openings on the African continent: in Cairo, Egypt.

    Domino‘s launches its website (www.dominos.com)

  • Opening of the 7,000 store in Brooklyn, NY.

    Domino's include the Cinna Stix® in their range.

    Domino's is raising $ 220,000 worldwide in support of tsunami victims in Southeast Asia.

    Domino's introduces the online and mobile ordering service.

  • Patrick Doyle receives the # 1 Best Business Manager 2011 award from consumer and business news broadcaster CNBC.

    Domino's introduces its new logo and the 'Pizza Theater'.

    For the first time, Domino's is accepting orders via the Android app.

    The 10,000th Domino's store opens.

  • Domino‘s is now accepting payments via Google Wallet.

    Domino‘s presents its new iPad® ordering app, and thus puts pizza in the spotlight.

    Opening of the 11,000th store.

  • DAUFOOD becomes part of the Domino‘s family and thus the main franchise in Portugal.

    Introduction of Domino’s DXP ™ (Delivery Service Expert), a custom-made, modified pizza delivery vehicle.

    More than 12,900 stores worldwide

  • More than 5,200 stores in the US.

    More than 8 500 stores in the international market.

    That is a total of more than 13,800 stores worldwide.

    DAFOOD signs master franchise agreements in 4 other countries.