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Love movie. India. Telugu
Alternative titles-

Director Prabhu Deva
script MS Raju
production -
Songs Devi Sri Prasad
camera Venu Gopal
choreography Prabhu Deva, Vishnu Deva
actorSiddharth, Trisha Krishnan, Srihari, Prakash Raj, Sunil, Santoshini, Veda, Nandita
length 154 min.

Theatrical release 14.1.2005
Trade classification
Super hit
Molodezhnaja age recommendation from 12


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Sivaramkrishna (Srihari) raised his little sister Siri on his own after the death of his mother. Now both live on a farm and Siri (Trisha) has become a beautiful young woman. When she attends the wedding party of her best friend Lalita (Veda) in town, she meets her old friend Santosh (Siddharth), the son of a very wealthy NRI from London. Santosh falls head over heels in love with the peasant girl with the pure soul. It takes a little longer for her to enjoy the snob. But there is still a lot to prevent happiness - especially Santosh's mother, who believes Siri is only after her family's money.


I can call myself an expert when it comes to Bollywood - but the Telugu cinema in the state of Andhra Pradesh is not one of my strengths. I know a few Tollywood films, I know some cinematic rules that are related to those of Bollywood cinema. And every now and then I know a star who makes his living in Tamil or Hindi films. But there is one thing I have confidence in myself across all language and cultural boundaries: to recognize a good film. And the barely pronounceable "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana" certainly belongs in this category. The first Tollywood blockbuster in 2005 offers feelgood entertainment with Masala influences, attractively filmed, played in an appealing way and, above all, staged in a funny way.

Director Prabhu Deva made a name for himself as a choreographer for films like Lakshya and Bombay, tried his hand at acting again and again and is now allowed to take a seat on the director's chair. He makes his work applaudable, because despite a few clichés "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana" remains fresh and unobtrusive - angry tongues would claim "unimportant". The plot is not very different from this. It is undoubtedly not the epitome of originality and steals not only from Hindi role models, but also from Hollywood: The dog-in-the-bathroom scene, for example, comes from the Jason Lee comedy "A Guy Thing". Who cares.

However, the actors also contribute to the success. Young Siddharth, who started out as Mani Ratnam's assistant and in whose Aayitha Ezhuthu appeared, made his debut in the Tamil teen ensemble film Boys. Here he is more challenged in all respects and shows that as a "hero" he has got what it takes and also looks good. Co-star Trisha (Aayitha Ezhuthu, "Ghilli") hardly has to prove that anymore, she already belongs to the elite of Telugu cinema at a young age and shows herself from the most charming side. Their charm breaks dams. But Srirahi almost stole the spotlight from the two attractive youngsters with a moving, mature performance. Other supporting actors sweeten the cast, especially Sunil as Funny-Guy Baba and Prakash Raj as Santosh's father.

The attractive pictures of the Kerala cameraman Venu Gopal put the actors in the right light and the right environment, director Deva also provides the thing with a choreography that is worth seeing and the songs manage to please despite the few remaining melodies. As is so often the case in South Indian films, the lyrics have a completely different effect than comparable Bollywood tracks due to the many "Rs" and the more hypnotic rhythms - although some of the songs have a "World Music" touch and indulge in rock or funk. A great thing!

In the end, "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana" has neither its originality nor a great story out of its socks. But charming actors, the cow song, pleasant presentation and lots of humor make the work a top entertainer. A few teasing jokes between the two lovers work very well, but the piss and poop punchlines on the farm, where Santosh has to work, are less. But even this hobby farmer sequence gets really funny over time - like the whole film. For 154 minutes, it guarantees that boredom simply won't arise.


1) Chandrullo Undo - Nicely filmed.
2) Something, something - cool rock track.
3) Niluvaddam Ninne - funny staged song.
4) Paari Pooke Pittaa - Groovy.
5) Aakaasam Thaakelaa - rustic workers' song reminiscent of "Lagaan" at the beginning.
6) Adhire Adhire - Funny staged "cow song" with an appealing beat.


KAD (USA), Code 0, NTSC
Anamorphic widescreen
Telugu Dolby Digital 5.1 and DTS with English subtitles (film and songs)
Disk Rating * * * (good picture)




Apunkachoice ("Worth seeing")
Telugucinema ("Watchable")
MissionBAS ("Check it out! Now!")
OliBlog (7/10)





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