What did Hitler think of the Martians?

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The people at Bild.de want their readers to pay for some articles, they call this subscription model “Bild +”. It goes without saying that the editorial team has to offer something special. For example such service items:

François should also take a look at the tips for the picture theft search from the Cognac forum. Two and a half years ago, he was able to find a few old bottles of schnapps in Paris and proudly presented this wonderful find to his fellow collectors on the Internet. And where can you find François ’Cognac photos since today without any reference to the source? Logo:

After Hitler's bathtub, Hitler's horses and Eva Braun's knickers, now the cognac cellar.

The discovery story runs big at Bild.de ...

... a little smaller in the "Bild" federal edition ...

... and huge in the Dresden edition:

And there every time: the bottles from François, which have absolutely nothing to do with Hitler's alleged cognac cellar.

The author of the story is “Bild” editor Jürgen Helfricht. Exactly, DER Jürgen Helfricht: inventor of the cat's fuel, critical observer of the “LAUSITZ-WOLVES”, critical observer of all other wolves, revelator of the decades-known “truth about the Dresden fire”, rights dealer of the sandman and wine connoisseur.

It is logical that only this “Bild” man of the thousands can discover Adolf Hitler's secret cognac cellar, namely near the Moritzburg moated castle in Saxony:

While Germany was starving, Adolf Hitler († 56) hid his delicacies and tons of cognac here at the end of 1944 ...

In addition to the alcohol, Hitler also put “hundreds of boxes” with “cheese, Leibnitz biscuits, butter, salami sausage, coffee, chocolate, cigarettes” there, writes Helfricht.

Now Adolf Hitler is said to have been a non-smoker since his youth and to have not drunk any alcohol, later no more coffee and lived a vegetarian since 1932. But for Jürgen Helfricht and “local chronicle” Silvio Stelzer this is no reason to doubt their discovery.

Hobby historian Stelzer gave the decisive tip about Hitler's secret storage facility. He owns the site where he happens to run a restaurant. Only six weeks ago, Helfricht dedicated a larger article to the restaurateur.

The duo now explored the basement together. The only indication that they are supposedly related to Hitler is this one sentence:

The local writer recently found the sensation in the notes of the last inhabitant of the palace, Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony (1896-1971).

Helfricht does not reveal what exactly is supposed to be in these “records”; he does not go into the alleged evidence with a single word. Unfortunately, Helfricht and Stelzer - who enters the vaulted cellar with a flashlight and suddenly holds a candlestick in the next photo - don't even have evidence that all the food could be found in Moritzburg.

Stelzer: “The Prince of Saxony [sic] received a guide package with delicacies for hiding the boxes. Nothing was left of all the food and luxury goods. After May 8, 1945, Russian troops looted everything. "

And that's exactly why Jürgen Helfricht needed the photos of François ‘dusty cognac bottles, which he and“ Bild ”present (without citing the source) as if they came from Hitler's collection. Then, at least at first glance, it looks as if there could actually be something to this story.

Thanks to Philipp!