In which countries can Bing ads be displayed?

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Why run ads on Bing and Yahoo!

As in Google Ads, you can reach users in Bing Ads by criteria such as geography, day of the week, time of day, gender and age, device and of course by keywords.

In Germany, Bing (including Yahoo!) has around 4% market share among search engines. The additional traffic potential from Bing Ads is therefore limited. However, the relatively small market share also has an advantage: Few advertisers use Bing Ads at all. This means that competition for ad space on Bing and Yahoo! is significantly lower than on Google. That leads to plain lower CPCs (Costs per click) and thus a potentially significantly higher ROI.

Campaigns, ad groups and ads can be used at the same time easily import from Google Ads. If you are already well positioned in search engine marketing with Google, you can open up a new online marketing channel with little effort. You can use this to reach users who have come across Bing or Yahoo! instead of searching through google.

Bing Ads in countries other than Germany

Google is also the dominant search engine internationally. But in a few countries the dominance of the Palo Alto group is as pronounced as it is in Germany. Accordingly, Bing Ads has significantly larger market shares in other markets, such as Great Britain and Norway.

It can therefore be worthwhile to use web analysis software such as Google Analytics to check where you are getting relevant traffic for your website or your shop from. You can then also place Bing Ads in the countries concerned.

Are you interested in Bing Ads?

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