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There are quite a few old wives' tales about private aviation, which has resulted in private aviation long being considered a form of travel for the rich and beautiful that the mere mortal cannot afford.

In our quest to make private aircraft rental more transparent, easier and more affordable, at PrivateFly we correct some of these myths about private jet charter.

Number 1: Only the super-rich can afford a private jet.

The paparazzi, who like to publish photos of stars and starlets as much as they are about to board a private jet, ensure this assumption. If you look behind the scenes, you will quickly see that the majority of private travelers are not celebrities or aristocrats. Of course, traveling in a private jet is more luxurious and expensive than an airliner, but the real reason frequent flyers choose this mode of transport today is simply to save time.

If you are flying privately, you only need to be at the GAT a few minutes before departure. In addition, you have a much larger selection of small airports, which may be much closer to your destination address or your own place of residence. With departure times that are based on the individual schedule, you can make the outward and return flight on the same day and thus save on accommodation costs. Scheduled airlines are often unable to offer this service with their rigid flight schedules.

For business people who move within a tight time frame with a busy schedule, efficiency plays an especially important role on a private flight.

Also holiday travelers who z. If, for example, you are looking for a time-saving means of transport for a special occasion or want to travel with a large group, you are increasingly seeing the advantages that private flying brings with it.

Number 2: Private jet owners are more flexible than those who just rent a plane.

It may be that a certain minority might buy their own private jets as a status symbol. But a private jet is a very expensive and time consuming toy. For most private travelers, it is more financially worthwhile to rent a jet.

Airplanes, as well as boats, have to be looked after constantly. The owners are constantly exposed to a regiment of maintenance, bureaucracy and costs. This makes it much easier to use someone else's private jet and simply get off at the end of the flight. With over 7,000 aircraft available for hire worldwide, PrivateFly customers certainly don't have to forego flexibility and service.

Number 3: The pricing policy in the private charter market is complicated and confusing

Pay attention to the advertisements. Is it transparent or is it more obscured? Renting a private jet should be as easy as booking a seat with a scheduled airline.

The costs are calculated the same for almost all flights, including: costs per flight hour, fuel per kilometer flown, crew salaries and landing fees. (Read also How are the charter costs for a private jet calculated?).

With good advice, you will find the right aircraft at the lowest price for every flight. For example, costs can be reduced by weighing the pros and cons of different aircraft and choosing an airport with low landing fees.

The operator's profit margins must also be taken into account. These can vary significantly in competitive markets, depending on the operator or if there is increased demand. For these reasons, the operations team compares all offers on the PrivateFly booking platform and can ultimately make the cheapest offer to the customer.

Number 4: There is no need to go through security when traveling by private plane

Given the short amount of time private travelers spend at the airport, many people mistakenly believe that they don't go through security. Even on a private flight, the passenger undergoes the same security checks as a passenger on a scheduled airline - only without queuing.
The security staff in the private jet terminal are well trained and work in a customer-oriented manner. Although flight safety is a top priority, the necessary controls are carried out quickly and seamlessly, so that many passengers are not even aware that they have just gone through the security checks.

Number 5: Private jets don't fly as fast as scheduled airliners

In fact, most private jets fly as fast, if not faster, than scheduled airliners. Although some light jets have a slower cruising speed, the total travel time is reduced for the following 3 reasons:

1. Time savings with ground handling: Your private jet starts as soon as you are on board.
2. Climb rate - private jets fly higher than scheduled aircraft and can thus choose a direct flight route.
3. Arriving closer to your final destination - private jets use airports that are closer to your final destination.

The fastest civil aircraft in the world is currently the Cessna Citation Ten. This business jet that flies just below the sound limit with a cruising speed of 1145 km / h. This speed can be compared with the Boeing 747, the fastest aircraft of the scheduled airlines, which reaches a cruising speed of just over 955 km / h.

Finally, it should be said that the real time savings, as already mentioned above, occur with ground handling. If you look at the total travel time, a private jet beats a scheduled airline by a long way.

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