Why did you leave Catholicism?

Westfalen-Blatt: The WESTFALEN-BLATT (Bielefeld) on the Catholic Church

13.09.2019 – 20:30

Westphalia sheet

Bielefeld (ots)

My God, my God, why did you leave us? The veto of the Vatican on the reform efforts of the church in Germany must stunned every Christian. The opinion of the Roman Curia is a blow to the desperate struggle for credibility and has what it takes to further accelerate the decline of Catholicism in Germany. Once again, Pope Francis does not turn out to be the innovator that parts of the world like to see in him. With the reference to the "unity of the world church" the Vatican tries to stifle the urgently needed reform process of the church in Germany before it can really gain momentum. It becomes abundantly clear: Rome is enough of itself and has still not recognized the signs of the times. All those who have never belonged to the Catholic Church or have long since left it will feel vindicated. But worse: Those who (still) see themselves as practicing Catholics, who sometimes despair of their church and yet want to go the way into the future with it, have to feel betrayed. Because the problems are huge and range from the abuse scandal to the dispute over celibacy and sexual morality to the role of women. It is certainly no coincidence that the letter of the »Pontifical Council of Legal Texts« was announced at the precise time of the Fulda preparatory conference for the »Synodal Way« reform process. It is a deliberate attack on reform efforts and a slap in the face for the Central Committee of Catholics. It is all the more admirable that ZdK President Thomas Sternberg says that the "synodal path" will be continued together with the German bishops. But the signs of the times point to a different path: it is already clear that the German Bishops' Conference shies away from the conflict with the Vatican and thus reduces all efforts to change to the point of absurdity. One can only pray that Cardinal Reinhard Marx, chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, with his great influence on the Roman Curia, will succeed in changing something. Marx is personally under pressure in this regard, as he recently brought up a regional relaxation of celibacy. Now it looks like that in the power struggle of the German bishops, the arch-conservative camp around Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki from Cologne will once again prevail. The report suggests that the church is "not structured democratically". But that cannot be a reason why the Vatican does not care about the children of God entrusted to it. However, if the Roman Curia sticks to its position, sooner or later it will make the Catholic Church in Germany superfluous.

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