What rights do refugees have

Flight and Asylum (2016)

Refugees are a group
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who lives in great danger.
You have often experienced
that their human rights have been disregarded.

For example, you are threatened:
  • because of their skin color or their gender
  • because of their religion
  • because of their political opinion.

  • There are agreement of countries.
    The agreements are supposed to protect the refugees.
    Germany and many other countries
    have agreed to the agreements.
    They also apply in Germany.

    The most important are:
  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • the Geneva Refugee Convention.

  • The most important German law also protects refugees.
    This is:
  • the German constitution.

  • What are human rights?

    There are rights that everyone has.
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    No matter which country he comes from.
    No matter what laws
    were written down in his country.
    These rights are called Human rights.
    The United Nations to have
    written down human rights.

    The United Nations
    consist of almost every country in the world.
    You want to create peace in the world
    and solve problems together.

    Human rights were declared on December 10, 1948
    "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" written down.

    There it says in Article 14 paragraph 1:
    "Everyone has the right in other countries
    to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution. "

    What does the Geneva Refugee Convention say?

    Geneva is a city in Switzerland.
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    In Geneva the United Nations agreed
    what rights refugees have.
    The agreement is called
    Geneva Refugee Convention.
    She explains human rights for refugees.

    Many countries in the world have them
    Geneva Refugee Convention signed.
    The Geneva Refugee Convention says
    that refugees are not in
    Countries may be returned,
    in which they are threatened.
    It also applies in Germany and
    in other European countries.
    That's why refugees get
    in Germany protection.

    What does the German Basic Law say?

    The right to asylum is in the Basic Law.
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    The Basic Law is the most important law in Germany.
    Article 16a (1) states:
    "Politically persecuted people enjoy the right of asylum."

    The word asylum comes from the Greek language.
    The word asylum means:
    Home or lodging.
    In the law it means above all:
    Protection from danger or persecution.
    People who are granted asylum
    are allowed to live in a safe country.

    Politically persecuted means:
    The state persecutes the people.
    Politically persecuted people live in great danger in their country.
    Your human rights are not respected.
    Some people will for example
    physically injured, tortured, or even killed.

    There are several reasons for political persecution:
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    • a different political opinion than the state
    • a religion that the state does not want
    • homosexual people are also often persecuted.

      Gay means:
      when a man loves a man
      or a woman a woman.