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Bhutan in the Himalayas - traveling in the land of the thunder dragon

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Travel alone. Discover Bhutan without a guide?

Before deciding on a trip to Bhutan, you should know that it is not possible to travel to Bhutan on your own. The visa policy is restrictive. Every tourist needs a visa and he can only get it if the trip is booked through a registered Bhutanese travel company. During your trip you will be accompanied by a Bhutanese guide. You can find out more about this under Visa.


The airport in Paro is located at around 2380 meters above sea level. Most guests from Europe have no problems adjusting to this height. If you do not exert yourself too much physically, you will hardly notice any difference.

If you have booked a trek, it usually doesn't start until the third or fourth day. Before trekking, we do short hikes so that the body can slowly adjust to the altitude.


The mains voltage is 220 volts. Power outages can occur but are rare.

to eat and drink

The meals consist mainly of varied vegetable menus with rice or potatoes. In the hotels, buffets with a large selection of dishes are usually offered and there are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Wine is rarely available. But nothing is impossible ...

taking photos

Bhutan is ideal for extraordinary photo shoots. The landscapes are spectacular, the architecture of the dzongs, monasteries and other religious institutions unique. However, photography is not permitted inside the temples and monasteries. We ask you to respect this and to pay attention to the instructions of your guide.

Money / currency

The currency in Bhutan is the ngultrum (Nu). It has the same value as the Indian rupee. It is advisable to bring cash in US dollars or euros. If you arrive in Paro, you can change cash right in the airport building or ask your guide, he will know about other exchange options. It is possible to withdraw money from ATMs in Thimphu. These are not (yet) widespread. Credit cards are accepted in larger hotels.

Clothing / equipment

It is advisable to take clothes for cooler temperatures with you even in summer. Since many sights can only be reached on foot, comfortable shoes with non-slip soles are a must, even on a cultural trip. Shorts are generally a taboo. Particularly when visiting religious sites, it is important to wear appropriate and respectful clothing. Since we are mostly at over 2000m, sunglasses, sunscreen and a sun hat should not be missing.

On a trekking tour, the tent and the insulation mat are provided by us. Suggestion for packing list on trekking

Clothing for visits to dzongs and monasteries

It is important that you dress appropriately and respectfully when visiting religious sites. Shorts and tank tops don't work at all. We therefore recommend that you wear long trousers or long skirts and an appropriate top with sleeves. If you enter the interior of a temple, your shoes must be removed beforehand.

Thank you very much for your understanding.


Bhutan is a safe country. It is not common for a safe to be available in hotel rooms. Therefore, it is better to leave your valuables that are not absolutely necessary at home.

smoking ban

Bhutan is the first country in the world to introduce a general smoking ban. It is not possible to buy cigarettes. Bring your cigarettes from home for personal use. These have to be declared upon entry. It is forbidden to smoke in public. Smoking is considered very disrespectful, especially near temples, monasteries, and other religious sites.


Our employees and helpers look forward to a tip if you are satisfied with the service. It is therefore up to you whether and how much you want to tip.

If you want to reward the hard work of the porters on a trek with a tip, make sure that you do so in Ngultrum. Often the next bank to change is very far away.