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Persecuted Christians will be remembered on Sunday

Sunday reminiscences: India

Source: gettyimages, karthickgnani, id1216735545Discrimination in everyday life, the ban on religious services - the discrimination that Christians suffer in some countries is manifold, so we remind you of their situation

Churches are being destroyed, Bibles are being burned and Christians are being disadvantaged when looking for a job: the persecution of Christians will also be an issue in over 70 countries in 2021. The church congregations will remember persecuted Christians on Sunday “Reminiszere”, February 28, 2021.

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In India, the pressure on the minorities, especially Muslims and Christians, is growing. Johny Thonipara from the EKHN and EKKW Center Oekumene. The occasion is the Reminiscence Sunday on February 28, 2021, during which divine services will commemorate the Christians persecuted around the world. Born in India, Johny Thonipara is entrusted with maintaining partnership relationships between the EKHN and the churches in Asia.

Church affected by bans on worship

The Asia consultant is concerned that Christian churches and institutions in India are particularly heavily controlled. “There are reports of violent attacks against Christians in India. Churches are being destroyed, Bibles are being burned, people are being burned alive, ”the pastor describes the situation in a report. Johny Thonipara learned: “There are sometimes prohibitions on worship for Christians. Christians can no longer hold some religious events. So z. For example, a church event among the indigenous people in a community in southern India had to be canceled because of threats from Hindu groups. ”In order to avoid conflicts, the police recommend that the relevant events be canceled in order to maintain public order.

Hindu nationalists threaten conflict

Hindu nationalists in particular put pressure on Christians. This group wants to convert Christians and Muslims to Hinduism with a campaign. In the past, it was mainly the indigenous people and the Dalits, the “untouchables”, who decided in favor of Islam or Christianity - Hindu nationalists now want to reverse this development.

Worsening religious freedom observed in India

The "United States Commission on International Religious Freedom" (USCIRF) also noted a drastic deterioration in the situation of religious freedom in India in 2020. Incitement to violence, unpunished violence and hate speech against minorities are reported.

Background about the discrimination against Christians in India

There is no systematic persecution of Christians by the state in India. The Hindu nationalists harass and provoke Christians. Christians are a small vulnerable minority in India who are often concerned about their situation and live in an atmosphere of fear. The anti-conversion laws in some states are being used to harass Christians. Christians are accused of encouraging the poor, casteless and adivasis (indigenous peoples) to convert with offers of help. But there are caste-less people who decide in favor of another religion in protest against the caste practice. You want to change inhumane living conditions. The obligation to report conversions to government authorities creates significant psychological and economic problems for converts and leads to discrimination and harassment by civil servants and Hindu fundamentalists, especially in rural areas. Radical Hindu nationalists want India to remain a country of the Hindus. Christians are suspected of being foreign agents. Christian institutions are particularly tightly controlled. Accounts are blocked to prevent institutions from doing their job.

Pray in the words of a distressed Christian

In order to mentally strengthen the persecuted Christians, Asia consultant Johny Thonipara has put together liturgical materials for church services. He also allowed an Indian Christian to speak. Let us pray with him:

Merciful and just God,
today will be our efforts
a just social order,
about the liberation of our oppressed fellow human beings
from the chains of slavery
and our efforts
to meet each other with dignity,
viewed as a threat.
Today your disciples are met with skepticism and suspicion.
Our adversaries laugh at us.

We are afraid that we will be attacked
our women are raped.
We are afraid that our churches
Schools and institutions are destroyed
and that our children do not have a secure future.
Some of us are being forced to give up our belief.
We feel helpless and weak towards the fanatics.
They are armed at our doors.

Help us, God, and ward off those who attack us.
Put anger and hatred out of their hearts.
Let us feel that you will hear us and help us.
With you, God, we will find help.
We believe in you and your love.


(Excerpt from the prayer of an Indian Christian recorded by Johny Thonipara)

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