How do I grow a black rose

Not possible in other games, crossing, growing and picking flowers is an important aspect of Animal Crossing New Horizons. We show how to do it.

  • All of the flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons at a glance.
  • Planting and crossing flowers made easy with our guide.
  • This is how you get the golden watering can for watering your flowers.

Kyoto, Japan - Not everything turns on Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch for the money. With the help of Flowers you can build a beautiful island for yourself and all residents. Everything you need to know about the Flowershow they too cross are like you them pours and care, you will find in our large Flower guide.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Nintendo Switch): All flowers and crossings at a glance

In Animal Crossing there are eight different basic types of Flowers. These, in turn, are divided into smaller subspecies of the plants with their own colors. In addition, the flowers differ in the Nintendo Switch title even in their growth stage. Depending on whether they are currently in the seed (onion), germ, sprout, or bud stage plant you can sell them at retailers for different prices. Everyone is here Flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons in a clear list.

Types of flowersSurnamehuecrossing
CosmeaRed cosmeared-
White cosmeaWhite-
Yellow cosmeamoney-
PinkcormeapinkRed x white
Black cosmeablackRed x red
OrangecosmeaorangeRed x yellow
tulipTriumphal tulipWhite-
Parrot tulipred-
Viridiflora tulipyellow-
Border tulippinkRed x white
Lowland tuliporangeRed x yellow
Wild tulippurpleOrange x orange
Roman tulipblackRed x red
violetHorned violetsyellow-
Peony violetsWhite-
PansyorangeRed x yellow
Wood violetpurpleBlue x blue
Fragrant violetsblueWhite x white
roseInnocence roseWhite-
Love rosered-
Amber roseyellow-
Pink rosepinkRed x white
Sun roseorangeRed x yellow
Lilac rosepurpleWhite x white
Black roseblackRed x red
Blue rose blueRed (intersection x red (intersection)
Gold rose goldWatering black roses (golden watering can)
lilyEaster lilyWhite-
Red lilyred-
Pyrenean Lilyyellow-
Turk's cap lilypinkRed x white
Fire lilyorangeRed x yellow
Dark lilyblackRed x red
anemoneWhite anemoneWhite-
Orange anemoneorange-
Red anemonered-
Blue anemoneblueWhite x WhiteWhite x Orange
Pink anemonepinkOrange x red
Purple anemonepurplePink x Blue Blue x Blue Blue x White
hyacinthWhite hyacinthWhite-
Yellow hyacinthyellow-
Red yacinthred-
Pink hyacinthpinkRed x white
Orange hyacinthorangeRed x yellow
Blue hyacinthblueWhite x white
Purple hyacinthpurpleBlue x blue
chrysanthemumWhite chrysanthemumWhite-
Yellow chrysanthemumyellow-
Red chrysanthemumred-
LilachrysanthemumpurpleWhite x white
Rose chrysanthemumpinkWhite x red
Green chrysanthemumgreenPurple x purple

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide: Planting and Crossing Flowers on the Switch - Here's How

If youFlowers on your island that are a little more exciting than the ones Tom Nook in his shop in Animal Crossing: New Horizons sold then that is Cross of Flowers the best way. Through the crossing you get exciting flower colors and can in front of your friends with rare Flowers shine like Animal Crossing: New Horizons in our test.

Before you can start experimenting, however, you must first buy what is known as a parent flower. These are in Nooks Store available. Only with them one can breed successors. You should make sure that you always buy the right kind. If you want to grow a new color with the help of roses, you also have to buy a parent rose.

The crossing on the Nintendo Switch works on a 5x5 grid, with each flower or empty space for a flower occupying one square in that grid.

After this plants you have to let the flowers grow and every day to water. If you have followed this for a few days, you can add the hybrid flowers in the empty spaces Animal Crossing: New Horizons detect. As soon as these are fully grown, you can dig them up with the shovel and relocate them to another location on the island plants. This is how the wildest mixtures can be made cross and do a lot of experiments.

To be considered with the crossing of Flowers on the Nintendo Switch is the sufficient distance between the plants. Therefore you should go to part of the island alone Cross of Flowers and create the space you need there. Are the Flowers too close together, don't let them get too close cross and do not develop offshoots. If you are very concerned about a single breed, you can also mark out your own areas with the help of a fence. So you can prevent accidental Intersections arise.

Every type of flower has a Animal Crossing: New Horizons a number of hybrid flowers. If you want to grow one of these, you have to use the right combination of flower colors. In the list above you can see all possible ones Intersections of the newest Animal Crossing part of Nintendo from Kyoto.

As with fashion in the game, you can get a lot of sternis with the sale of flowers Animal Crossing: New Horizons however do not earn. However, if you grow beets in your garden or don't buy counterfeit art from Reiner, you can let the cash register ring. Alternatively, you can also sell fossils found at Nepp und Schlepp to add additional sternis to your wallet.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Guide: Tending to Flowers and Watering with the Golden Watering Can

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the maintenance of the Flowers slightly lighter than the previous parts of the Nintendo series. Flowers can no longer perish or wither, even if they are not watered regularly. Only for a successful one crossing you have to cover the flowers with water regularly. To do this, use Animal Crossing: New Horizons the toolWatering can

The watering can is in the life simulator on the Nintendo Switch it in three variants. The Wiggle watering can is the worst watering can. The work with her is very arduous and only one can be done at a time flower for now to water. With a large flower bed, this is very time-consuming and reduces the fun of the game. The more efficient the normal one Watering can. You can use it to create several fields at the same time to water and the work, everyone Flowers watering is thus shortened.

The optimal solution for watering the plants is the golden one Watering can. However, you will only receive these after a few game days. To get the recipe for this particular Watering can You need a 5-star rating for your island to receive. In other words, your island must look good, have been embellished with bridges or stairs and be furnished with objects.

If you speak to Melinda in the administration building, you can get the rating of your island. If you have made it to 5 stars, you will find the handicraft instructions for the golden one Watering can and you can make the object at the craft table with the help of a gold ore and a normal watering can.

With the golden Watering can let the Flowers at Animal Crossing: New Horizons particularly easy and quick to water. You can also use it to grow the special golden rose by growing a black rose and then growing it with the golden one Watering can watered. And if you are interested in one or the other star, you can use Flowers also insects on the Nintendo Switch attract.

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