How do you avoid your judgmental friends

Differentiate between factual and emotional language

At school, you have to use a certain style of language depending on the type of text. The language style is that chosen by the author linguistic expression of a text. Here, for example, you can differentiate between factual and emotional language.

The choice of style depends on the situation, the function of your address and also on the addressee.

One factual style of speech can be found, for example, in reports in reputable daily newspapers (e.g. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung).

A emotional style of speech can, however, be found in a political speech.

Features of factual language

With a factual style of speech, you have to pay attention to a few characteristics.

Make sure that you ...

  • one clear, descriptive only style using.
  • your own Opinion and feelings not extreme.
  • Avoid political, emotional or taste assessments.
  • on the use of Tension words (e.g. suddenly) renounce.
  • no literal speech using.
  • on the use of Metaphors, linguistic images, ... do without.

Features of emotional language

There are a few characteristics you need to consider when using an emotional style.

Make sure that you ...

  • one detailed and emotional style using.
  • yours own opinion and feelings express.
  • political, emotional or taste assessments take care of.
  • your text matching adjectives decorate.
  • Metaphors and linguistic images using.

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