Why don't I take life seriously?

Not taking yourself seriously: what does that mean?

I try to conclude: Not wanting to take yourself so terribly seriously is actually just a desperate desire to be invulnerable, see Böhmermann. Literally not taking yourself seriously anymore is unhealthy because it would mean disregarding your social, emotional and physical needs. Not being taken seriously by others can make sense in the position of a comedian, but on a holistic level it can be discrediting or even destructive.

I think I found the bug. Here it is: It's not about not taking yourself “seriously”. It's about not taking yourself too seriously. A crucial point.

So you should leave this whole "I don't take myself seriously" drivel in the future. It is linguistically incorrect and, in this falsehood, is also cowardly. Because then it is an eternal excuse. A notorious escape from responsibility for one's own words and deeds. Hiding behind the curtain of irony. Whoever says to others: “Don't take what I've said so seriously. I don't take it seriously myself. What a fool you are that you take this seriously. Haha! ”, He not only always blames the others and the pain, he also cemented his own underlying fear again and again. Because that's exactly what you do with the claim that you don't take yourself so seriously: You laugh at and shame people who are really serious about something and thereby inflict on them exactly what you would fear most of all - if you were to yourself because I would dare to say something in all seriousness. And you should. Because it's honest. And being honest is good. So you don't have to take it seriously.