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How do you actually pronounce “accessory” correctly?

From STYLEBOOK | March 15, 2021, 3:02 p.m.

Fashionable terms can be real tongue twisters and are not infrequently pronounced completely wrong. Not only complicated designer names - Vetements, Givenchy, Moschino - are a challenge. Even one or the other everyday word can become a pronunciation trap.

Belts, bags, earrings, hats - all fashion items that ensure that our look gets that certain something. The perfect term for this is the French word “accessory”, which, according to Duden, describes a “fashionable accessory for clothing, for the apartment, for the car, etc.”. But what is the correct pronunciation of “accessory”?

Origin of the word "accessory"

You can hear the word in all imaginable variations: with many s-sounds as “Assesswar”, with a soft s as “Aseswar” or with a hard K-sound as “Aksesswar”. But what is right now? When asked by the German Institute of Humboldt University in Berlin, STYLEBOOK got a clear answer: The word accessory comes from French and is a so-called loan word in the German language. The root form is based on the Latin word accessus back, which means something like "added".

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The correct pronunciation of "accessory"

In German, the French word is wrongly used as the basis for pronunciation and is pronounced with the shelf known among linguists as the "Ka-ze-zi-ko-ku rule": If the consonant c comes before the vowels a, o or u, is he is pronounced like ak. If the c comes before e and i, it is pronounced like a z. In Latin, however, cs are consistently pronounced as k. And because the word 'accessory' is of Latin origin, ccs are pronounced like a k. The correct pronunciation of "accessory" is therefore "Akseswar" (in phonetic transcription: aksɛˈso̯aːɐ̯). "

By the way, accessories are not clothing

In fashion theory, accessories are generally not assigned to clothing, as they are of no use (protection from cold, nudity, environmental influences), but rather are considered pure jewelry. But let's be honest - in any case, fashion is less about use and more about enjoying clothes.

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