Are you a rapper

"Are you awake?" - 18 German rappers together with Warner Music set a clear signal against racism

A good month has passed since ten people were killed in the racially motivated attack in Hanau. The shock is still deep and once again many asked themselves in astonishment: How can these thoughts and deeds still exist in Germany in 2020?

Warner Music Germany has been committed to cosmopolitanism, diversity and respect for many years. After the incidents in Hanau, the Hamburg major label wants to set a clear signal against racism together with the artists: tomorrow (April 3rd) the will be released Benefit song "Are you awake?" the entire proceeds of which will benefit the families who were victims of the Hanau attack. The song features an impressive squad of 18 German rappers, including Kool Savas, Manuellsen, Rola, Celo & Abdi, Credibil asAzzi memo, who comes from Hanau and is the initiator of the campaign. You can see that below official music video.

“Are you awake?” Is a powerful and uncompromising as well as deeply personal and emotional signal against spiritual arsonists in this country, performed by 18 musicians, many of them with a migration background. They all have their very own story to tell - and they all cannot and do not want to believe that in 2020 we will still be no further than 20 years ago - "There has been a 'final warning' for a long time.", howRola with reference to "Adriano (Last Warning)," the 2001 anti-racism song by Brothers Keepers.

"The attack in Hanau shook us all and once again made it clear that we as a society still have a lot of work to do to prevent such acts in the future," commented Siad Rahman, Head of A&R at Warner Music Central Europe. “Our deepest condolences go to the families and friends of the victims. The fact that together with Azzi Memo and his manager Aydin Kaya we got this song up and running at such short notice and the willingness of the artists to deal musically with the topic and make a statement shows how important a reaction is. "

"There are so many people with righteous thoughts and it's not that easy to knock them out of their heads," says Azzi Memo. “That's not what it's about. Rather, it is about opening people's eyes, even those who have no real ideas. To teach them that hate will get you nowhere. That you have to stand up against racism. " Azzi Memo is aware that this is the hardest way to get through to the spiritual arsonists. In spite of this, or precisely because of this, he expects a strong signal effect: “Most racists will remain racists. But we should show them in particular that we belong to them. And we are more than you. "

Aydin Kaya comments: “It's the year 2020 and despite many wars and many bad events in world history, there are still innocent people who are losing their lives to right-wing extremism and right-wing terrorism. We have to stick together more closely as a society and actively work against it. Azzi Memo and I would like to thank Warner Music, especially for the quick response and support. We wish the families a lot of strength! We know that these words will bring little comfort. It is the time that will teach us.“ 

All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Amadeu Antonio Foundation, which works for the bereaved and survivors of the Hanau attack.