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Barbie as a programmer: sexist book causes excitement

A children's book published in 2010 has been causing a stir for days. "Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer" tells how Barbie deals with everyday life as a programmer. However, she is so clumsy that she always needs male help. There was a lot of criticism in the Amazon reviews of the book and on Twitter. Now Mattel has pulled the rip cord.

Twitter users rewrite the book

In the book, for example, Barbie has plans to develop a game. However, she can only contribute the design. To program a real game, she needs help from "Steven and Brian". These and other episodes have resulted in numerous negative reviews on Amazon.

After blogger Pamela Ribon took up the topic, numerous users vented their anger on Twitter. With the remix generator on "Feminist Hacker Barbie" anyone can add new texts to the book.

Mattel apologizes

Barbie maker Mattel has now responded to the criticism. His Facebook page states that the portrayal of Barbie in the story does not correspond to the "vision" that Barbie stands for. "We believe we have to make girls understand that anything is possible and that they live in a world without restrictions. We apologize that the book didn't reflect that." New Barbie titles should be written in such a way that Barbie is portrayed as a strong personality. The book has since been removed from Amazon. (red, derStandard.at, November 20, 2014)