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Are you looking for executive training like the EMBA Digital Leadership?

EMBA Digital Leadership (FH): For innovative, future-oriented visions

Would you like to be able to lead your company successfully through the digital transformation? Do you want to acquire in-depth methodological knowledge in order to be able to professionally implement a start-up idea in the digital sector? Are you planning to familiarize yourself with the development and implementation of digital visions of the future?

Then the EMBA Digital Leadership (FH) could be exactly the right training for you. The Executive MBA gives you extensive knowledge of the core areas of “Digital Business and Technology”, “Digital Culture & Leadership” and “Digital Vision”. The students deal with topics such as Data-Driven Decision Making, Foundations for Data Science, Digital Workplace and HR Transformation Strategies, Cloud, Big Data and Machine Learning, Digital Marketing, Leading Collaborative and Remote Teams and Digital Corporate Responsibility.

If you, too, want to be one of the digital leaders in Switzerland, if you want to expand your skills in the field of digital technologies as a visionary leader, want to get to know new management approaches and are also keen to develop a digital vision for your company, then you can expect digital leadership at EMBA an innovative further education FH in the field of leadership and management.

The part-time EMBA program allows 100% work and extends over a period of 16 months. You will not only spend your time in Zurich, you will also go on study trips to innovative hotspots within Switzerland, including a visit to CERN, to the USA and China. In the USA you will visit MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, selected technology companies in New York and Yale University in New Haven. Further highlights of the EMBA Digital Leadership are a StartUp Challenge, the organization of a conference in TEDx format and personal career coaching.

In addition to a university degree from a university, technical college (FH) HWV or ETH, executive training requires at least 5 years of study-related professional experience and at least 3 years of experience in a management position. Even people who have a comparable qualification as well as the corresponding practice can be admitted to the EMBA Digital Leadership after an individual dossier review.

Let the university of applied sciences send you all relevant study documents without obligation and find out more about this innovative EMBA program.