How can we make 3D printing interesting?

3D printing and 3D printing processes

All manufacturing processes in which three-dimensional objects are created by a 3D printer are comprehensively referred to as 3D printing. With 3D printing, models are defined with the help of software and then liquefied materials such as plastic or metal are applied layer by layer. This structure is computer-controlled after the models, i.e. dimensions and shapes, have been specified. Physical or chemical hardening or melting processes take place in 3D printing. Typical materials that are used to manufacture the models in 3D printing are plastic, synthetic resin, ceramic and metal. In 2019, 3D printing will serve industry, model making and research to produce models, prototypes and end products. The production by the 3D printer is also quick and inexpensive.

In 2019, 3D printing will be used more and more, for example by artists. Before treating and designing the surface of the printed object, the artist must first plan it on the computer with the help of software and then print it into reality on the 3D printer. Even plans for a building can be drawn up on the computer and implemented using 3D printing. In this case, the 3D printer is bigger than the building.

In our 3D printing studio, where we offer high quality printers and a special service, we use certain software that we can even use to produce models for our customers. Let us take a photo and see how the 3D printer and the corresponding software can make you appear in miniature. A 3D printer with a 3D scanner should not be missing in 2019. Objects are scanned in, processed with the appropriate software and then sent back to the 3D printer for printing.