How hypocritical is Hollywood

For example Meryl Streep, Golden Globes 2012, just named best actress. "I feel so uncomfortable," she says: "In a year in which there have been so many great achievements by women." She looks amazed, but let's be honest: Streep is the best actress in the world, she can also be amazement. She praises colleagues and is happy about the many demanding roles for women this year. Equality is an important topic at the moment. Then she says: "I still want to thank God, Harvey Weinstein." Laughter in the hall.

Weinstein was in Hollywood: a god. He created stars and led them to paradise. "The Old Testament punisher," adds Streep. This god is known to be angry and vengeful, and if he disobeys he incites a plague on the neck. Weinstein ruined careers and sent people to hell. Everyone knew that.

Because the do-gooders are so pronounced here, the hypocrisy is even more apparent

In the comments with which Hollywood reacts to the revelations about Weinstein and to his deep fall, it is usually only very briefly about the fact that the man is said to have raped, coerced and sexually molested young actresses. Streep's statement is 165 words long, 99 of which are an acquittal by Streep for Streep. It says something like: "Not everyone knew about it." And: "I didn't know anything about the financial agreements with actresses." And: "I didn't know anything about the meetings in his hotel room, his bathroom, or other inappropriate and forced acts."

They are progressive, cosmopolitan and liberal in Hollywood, they stand up for diversity and equality and environmental protection or they rail against chauvinists like Donald Trump, the pussy grabber-in-chief. The reactions to the Weinstein scandal also show what a hypocritical village this Hollywood can be. Because the do-gooders are so pronounced here, the hypocrisy is even more noticeable. You are against racism and yet often award the most important prizes to fair-skinned actors. They fight for equality and still usually pay women less than men. They rail against sexism and do not want to have known anything about what Weinstein is said to have been up to.

The screenwriter Scott Rosenberg became part of the Weinstein gang in the early 1990s, Harvey and his brother Bob believed in him, encouraged him, took him to the most coveted parties and produced his first feature films, "Things to Do in Denver When You're You're." Dead "and" Beautiful Girls ". Now Rosenberg writes on his Facebook page that even then he saw Weinstein's greed, his drive, his harassment and his vindictiveness up close - and did nothing about it.

But not only he: "Everybody-fucking-knew." Everyone damn it knew it, if maybe not in the depths of the abysses that are now opening up. "We really, really, really, really enjoyed the eggs of this golden goose, so we were ready to overlook everything else," writes Rosenberg: "I didn't say anything. I didn't do anything. Harvey was always wonderful to me. Well I took the rewards and shut up. "

Everybody-fucking-knew. However, if you close your eyes and cover your ears, you can claim afterwards that you haven't seen or heard anything. Everyone in Hollywood knows many more stories, many of which are not publicly known. Everybody fucking knows.

Three observations: The "cast couch" is not a relic from a bygone era, it still exists. However, it rarely says: "Look, this pig is abusing his power and going to bed with young women." Instead: "Look at this bitch. She only got the role because she screwed the producer."