Is it fun to be a software developer?


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BlogWhat is fun about software development?

July 23, 2019

What is fun about software development?

In this blog post, our colleague Carla thought about why she decided to become a software developer

In addition to IT consultants and system engineers, Scandio mainly works as software developers. Why do you choose to do such a job? For me these are the following reasons:

  • You create something new. Where there was nothing before, you create a whole application or a new function, which is then productively in use and can be used by users. Even if you've "only" fixed a bug, at the end of the day you know exactly what you've done.
  • There is tricky detective work. Sometimes you may be less productive than on other days, but spend hours isolating a particular error and getting to the root of the problem. Gradually, different things have to be tried, options excluded and theories formulated, rejected or combined, until one has reached the goal. The way there can be very frustrating, but at the same time very educational and exciting.
  • Developing software requires logical thinking and dealing with complex structures. Depending on the size of the project, you may have to consider several things at the same time. In the case of major renovations, it is not uncommon for you to juggle five construction sites at the same time in your head, to which you still have to adjust something until a functional stand is created again. (Incidentally, this is one of the main reasons why constant calls or interruptions are fatal to a developer's productivity.)

  • Creative solutions are also required. There is no one right way, but the one that is currently appropriate has to be found. And maybe it is worth taking another three steps back and questioning completely what the user actually needs this function for and whether it is really in good hands at the planned location and implemented optimally.

  • In software development, you model part of reality. Basically, a digital model is created that should have as many details as are necessary - all other details only make the code and the application unnecessarily complex. Designing, implementing and refining this model over and over again is really exciting and can be very challenging.

Overall, the work as a software developer is very diverse, especially in the project business. Everything is represented, from simple functions that are quickly implemented, to complex architectures or tricky errors. There are various languages, frameworks and environments, and the requirements of customers and projects are extremely variable. Of course, a developer not only sits in front of his code all day, but also talks to colleagues, coordinates with the customer, perhaps outlines a user interface, consults with the marketing team and much more.

A good working environment and great colleagues do the rest to ensure that work at Scandio is really fun.

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