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The 20 most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea - the beach check from west to east

The salty air and the smell of the sea mix with the scent of suntan lotion. Beach shells and parasols cast the longed-for shade in the greatest heat. Or the tourists treat themselves to a beach chair for the perfect day. The seating and relaxation areas are among the most beautiful places on the Baltic Sea, after all, they were invented here too. The Rostock court basket maker Wilhelm Bartelmann created a single-seater as early as 1882 and developed the prototype into a piece of furniture for two people over the years. Supplemented with awnings, footrests and side tables, a copy was quickly created that is not only reminiscent of today's counterparts.

But there are other criteria that make a day on the Baltic Sea beach a very special one. Romantics want the space for great feelings, special moments and unforgettable experiences. Parents value an entertainment program for their offspring. Sports enthusiasts don't just want to live out their urge to move by swimming. Dog lovers like to have their four-legged friends with them by and in the water. And nudists want to get a seamless tan undisturbed: The most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea offer everyone the opportunity to do this and we will present them to you below.

1. The beach in Schönberg (Holstein)

Fine, white sand, eight kilometers in length, boundaries by groynes and around 750 beach chairs (price around eight euros per day) - the beach in Schönberg has all of this. Here everyone will find exactly the section that suits their preferences according to their style. If you are in the mood for partying and dancing, one of the large and regular summer parties on the forecourt of the pier is just right. Romantics who want it a little quieter will find their area where they can stroll hand in hand and dreamily along the beautiful Baltic Sea beach undisturbed.

The shallow water and many attentive lifeguards from the DLRG reassure parents when the little ones splash around. A visit to the Schönberger Strand adventure station provides a distraction.

Holidaymakers who want to work out can kite- and windsurf, sail, paddle, wakeboard, water-ski, pedal-boat or jet-ski and play beach volleyball or cycle or inline skate on the asphalt foot of the dike. The beach in Schönberg is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea.

East of Groyne 26 in Schönberg- "California", east of Groyne 32 in Schönberg- "Brazil" and east of Groyne 41 directly on Schönberger Beach, it is allowed for four-legged friends to let off steam.

Summer guests are allowed to throw off all their covers in the groyne field 18-19, on the Schönberg nudist beach. The area is also protected from view by the very high dunes at this point.

Multiple surf tip: Young surfers and surfing experts are equally welcome on the beautiful Schönberger Strand. The cracks meet once a year (usually in August) at the windsurfing festival and fight for championship ranking points. Beginners can be instructed in the high art of surfing in the surf school on Middle Beach Brazil. And everyone else surfs for free - on the World Wide Web.

Offers: Relaxing arrangements for a short vacation at Schönberger Strand.

2. The Baltic Sea beach in Hohwacht

The beautiful beach in Hohwacht scores with cliffs, is partly a bit stony, in other places with light sand. Beach chairs can be rented for seven euros a day. Here, too, the water is shallow, so that small children in particular can play particularly well near the shore. And if the youngsters feel like romping around and exploring, a detour to the “pirate camp” adventure playground with shipwreck, cable car, wobbly bridges and a watchtower is worthwhile. A varied holiday program in the summer months ranges from amber grinding to fossil workshops and magic shows.

The modern lake platform, the flounder, and the viewing platform "Hohwachter Ausguck" on the cliff allow lovers to enjoy the evening view from the first row of the sunset. And especially at this time of day, Hohwacht beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea.

Sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice on the beautiful Hohwacht Baltic Sea beach. Beach volleyball, pedal boating, sailing, beach gymnastics, yoga, kitesurfing and sailing - everything can be done here to your heart's content. Designated walking routes lead through the Holstein landscape.

Dogs and owners can also hop together in the Baltic Sea on the beautiful beach of Hohwacht, about 100 meters above the Seestraße car park at beach entrance 1 and about 150 meters below the steep coast at beach entrance 9. From October to the end of March, four-legged friends can frolic everywhere.

One kilometer from the main beach, the nudists are among themselves on the nudist beach Behrensdorf / Lippe. There are a few stones on some sections, but on the whole the natural beach is very fine sand.

Celebration tip: Fire and water do not go together? The opposite is true for the guests of the annual festival at the beginning of summer. During the “summer glow” right on the flounder, brave swimmers with torches pull their laps and put the audience in the right mood with their firelight romance.

Offers: Book a short break at Hohwacht beach now.

3. The south beach on Fehmarn

The tourist center of the largest Baltic Sea island in Schleswig-Holstein is the south. Here the beach is partly 50 meters wide, fine sand and of course very beautiful. The view of the “coat hanger”, the Fehmarnsund Bridge, is also attractive. The promenade invites you to stroll and stroll. The beach days do not have to be spent lying on the ground here either. Several beach chair rentals make the noble seating and lounging furniture available to sun worshipers for a price starting at five euros per day.

The kiosk and ice cream parlor are nearby, the water falls flat, then the right number of sizzling rays of sunshine from above and the whole family is happy on the guarded Baltic Sea beach. The athletes either have to concentrate on swimming or change the beach section. Water sports are not allowed in the bathing zone on the south beach on Fehmarn. That's why windsurfers, kite surfers and sailors tend to romp around on the Wulfener Hals. This is also where the nudist area is located.

Beach and dog, that is not part of the south beach on Fehmarn either. In Bojendorf, Meeschendorf, am Grünen Brink or in Staberdorf, Bello is allowed to sprint into the water.

Baptism tip: In the main season and holiday season (mid-June to the end of August), a divine visit lands on the south beach of the island of Fehmarn every Wednesday at 3 p.m. Neptune does the honors and baptizes the brave children who have previously registered at the DLRG main station in Burgtiefe. Of course, the water god always brought enough time so that a nice souvenir photo can be taken.

Offers: Discover the Baltic island of Fehmarn as a short vacation.

4. The beach in Grömitz

The Baltic Sea beach in Grömitz has often been voted one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea. Hold hands and cuddle in a beach chair, go with your loved one in a gondola to a diving station towards the seabed, watch the sun sink from the pier: romantics deserve a beach holiday in Grömitz. The eight-kilometer-long, beautiful, south-facing beach is made for you to peek over the edge of your favorite book into the midday sun from a beach chair (prices from nine euros per day) while the children dig. Five playgrounds in the immediate vicinity of this beautiful Baltic Sea beach provide entertainment for the youngsters. The large Grömitz bathing beach begins right next to the marina. If you want to set sail and glide out onto the Baltic Sea, you don't have to go far. This area is also ideal for surfing. And not only mum and dad can indulge in different sports. On the beach in Grömitz, even the children like to go to the “cool school” during the holidays. Football, surfing, sailing and tennis are all trained here.

Dachshunds and Great Danes do not miss the romp and bathing fun on Grömitz Beach either. The extensive dog beach begins right at the end of the long beach promenade. Another beach is located in the Lenste district next to the nudist beach. This section is natural and looks more original.

Great tip: At the end of the Grömitz summer of lights, this Baltic Sea town right on the beautiful beach lets it crash every year. At the event, breathtaking fireworks explode over the pier and the Baltic Sea.

Offers: Are you looking for a beach holiday on the Holstein Baltic Sea coast? Here you can find relaxing short breaks.

5. The beach in Scharbeutz

Everyone will find their place on the beautiful beach in Scharbeutz. It is 6.5 kilometers long and 200 meters wide. Beach chair supporters have to invest ten euros a day to put their legs up while sunbathing. But even those who do not indulge in it or simply walk through the sand can be happy. There are no stones on the beautiful Baltic Sea beach in Scharbeutz, and it is gently sloping and so suitable for families with small children. The latter especially love Gumda's play beach right next to the pier. Here they are among their peers. Nearby there are gates and points on the action and sports beaches. The mood quickly arises at beach soccer or volleyball.

Dog owners who have their four-legged friends with them can use beach access 4 and beach access 31 in Haffkrug to access the places reserved for them directly on the Baltic Sea. By the way, the dog beaches in Scharbeutz are considered to be particularly clean.

Only a small section directly behind the Ostseetherme is available to nudists in Scharbeutz, so that it can get quite tight for sun worshipers, especially on weekends.

Picnic tip: Would you like a romantic get-together on the beach with a picnic and a juicy steak or a crispy sausage? There is a special grill beach in Scharbeutz. The grate can be reserved by telephone on a daily basis. The grill masters must of course provide themselves with charcoal and grilled food.

Offers: Book your beach holiday in Scharbeutz now, right next to Timmendorf and Lübeck.

6. The Timmendorfer Strand on the Baltic Sea

If a place already has three piers, there are three places from which the romantic setting of the sun behind the sea horizon can be enjoyed, in the north at the level of the spa park on the MARITIM pier, a little south of it on the Seeschlösschenbrücke and last but not least, from the Fischkopf pier in the Niendorf district. From here and the beach promenade on Timmendorfer Strand you also have a great view of this beautiful beach on the Baltic Sea. If you want to take a look at the turbulent summer life and the shallow waves from the wickerwork, you can rent beach chairs in different sizes on the beautiful Timmendorfer Strand: two-seaters cost ten, three-seaters twelve euros per day. Since the water only deepens slowly on the beautiful Timmendorfer Strand, small children have a lot of fun here when they throw themselves into the cool water. In addition, the Timmendorfer have set up a number of playground equipment on the main beaches. From the end of June to the end of August, the Seepferdchen Children's Club animates the dwarfs every day with nice game ideas.

Athletes have a whole stretch of beach for themselves and their passion. The classics such as beach soccer and volleyball, gymnastics, yoga and Nordic walking are on the program as well as trend sports (smash and aqua ball, speedminton, slacklining and ultimate frisbee).

Dogs (and of course owners too) can let off steam on a stretch of beach in the northwest towards Scharbeutz and on the Niendorf dog beach.

The naturists are among themselves on a small spot in the north of Timmendorfer Strand near the grammar school.

Excavator tip: During the season, a tournament is held once a week on the beach volleyball fields, in which fans of bouncing, slamming and digging can also spontaneously take part.

Offers: Book now and spend wonderful days on Timmendorfer Strand near Lübeck.

7. The Baltic Sea beach in Travemünde

Relaxed hours in the shade of a tree and the sea in sight? This can only be reconciled on the Travemünde beach - at least on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea. The green beach at the former seaside resort “Mövenstein”, known by the locals as the “sunbathing area”, is only separated from the water by the beach promenade. Otherwise, holidaymakers in Travemünde are spoiled for choice on the local four and a half kilometer long beautiful beach, which is only interrupted by the mouth of the Trave. The main beach is very wide and fine sand and is guarded by lifeguards in the high season. A total of 1,200 beach chairs are lined up here. The costs are from eight euros per day. Romantics have a wide range of options for great experiences for two. A stroll along the beach promenade or the jetties, a boat trip or the way up to the viewing gallery of the oldest lighthouse on the German coast provides those in love with particularly magical moments. Sports enthusiasts can access an extensive range from Zumba to Beachfun on the Nordermole and on the Priwall peninsula.

Carefree and unclothed bathing pleasure can be enjoyed on the Baltic Sea beach of Travemünde north on the Brodtener Ufer and on the Priwall.

From October to March, those who have their dog with them do not have to avoid any of the beach sections in Travemünde. Otherwise they are on a length of 100 meters on the Brodtener Ufer Platz as well as on an equally large area on the Priwall below.

Tip for dog owners: The only dog ​​bathing jetty in Germany is here so that the little animals can safely overcome the stone embankments on the Brodten steep bank to the water.

Offers: Spend relaxing hours on the Baltic Sea beach in Travemünde near Lübeck.

8. The beach in Boltenhagen

The beautiful four and a half kilometer long beach of Boltenhagen stretches along the Lübeck Bay with the best view of the incoming and outgoing ships. Here wanderlust and the holiday feeling meet. And when the sun sinks into the sea, not only romantics are completely intoxicated.

The soft sand or shallow water have made this corner by the sea a destination for families with children for many years. The pier can even be boarded with a stroller. Several playgrounds directly on the promenade ensure that boredom remains a foreign concept on Boltenhagen beach.

Here, too, the days by the sea can be comfortably planned and enjoyed from the beach chair. The costs are at least nine euros per day.

If you don't just let the sun shine on your stomach, but want to get active, you can learn to dive on the beautiful beach of Boltenhagen, visit the nearby climbing park or one of the riding stables and of course hike or go on a bike tour. Nudist friends should make a note of beach access 11.

Outside the main season, dog owners do not have to avoid any stretches of beach on the Boltenhagener Baltic Sea. Between May 15 and September 15, special areas are designated for them in the Redewisch district and in Tarnewitz.

Tip for the forgetful: The sun lotion is at home, but the blanket has just been spread out on the Baltic Sea beach? The beach shack at stairway 20 will help. Souvenirs and coffee can also be purchased here.

Offers: Book a beach holiday in and around Boltenhagen with a view of the Bay of Lübeck.

9. The Baltic Sea beach in Timmendorf on Poel

In Timmendorf auf Poel, the maritime attitude to life is not only played, the flair is lived on this Baltic coast beach. Fishing cutters chug into the harbor, stopping at the lighthouse, and dock. In the evenings and at night, the more than 140-year-old building shows the large ships the way to Wismar from here.

Pedal boating or water skiing, kiting and surfing - water sports enthusiasts get their money's worth on the beach in Timmendorf on Poel. However, volleyball players tend to be on the Gollwitz beach. Timmendorf scores with fans of nudism and everyone who has their dog with them. Both just have to head towards the campsite. Large areas are declared for them there.

Due to the shallow water, the Baltic Sea warms up very quickly here, so that the whole family does not have to wait long to bathe. Smaller children in particular appreciate the fact that the sea at Timmendorfer Strand on Poel does not get too deep, making the beach one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea, especially for families. Parents can relax in the beach chair and keep an eye on their offspring with peace of mind.

Additional nudist tip: Behind Wangern there is a completely natural paradise exclusively for nudists.

Offers: Book an island holiday on Poel near Wismar and spend wonderful hours on Timmendorfer Strand.

10. The beach in Kühlungsborn

Chic and charming - that is a summer vacation in Kühlungsborn. On the beach in Kühlungsborn, both in the western and eastern parts of the famous seaside resort, everyone will find the perfect destination here. In Kühlungsborn, the holiday feeling doesn't just begin when you switch off in a beach chair (prices: from eight euros per day). Even the walk along the beach promenade is under a very special light and not only in the evening hours. It leads past magnificent villas, shops, restaurants and cafés with their inviting sun terraces.

Special promotions during the season such as the children's Olympics or the football school make the kids particularly happy. In the eastern part of Kühlungsborn there is a lot going on every day on the beach between the pier and the boat harbor on the beach volleyball fields and the multi-purpose court.

Two designated dog beaches can be used during the season. From November 1st to April 30th, fur noses (under the supervision of their master or mistress, of course) are allowed to flow around the Kühlungsborn beach.

Nudists can note the beach entrances 28 (west) and 1 as well as 2 (east) so that they can work on their own seamless tan undisturbed.

Nude hike tip: From the nudist beach in Kühlungsborn-Ost you can set out for nudist hiking in the direction of Heiligendamm.

Offers: Enjoy relaxing days on the beach in the Baltic Sea resort of Kühlungsborn.

11. The beach in Warnemünde

One of the largest and most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea: Peace and quiet are not really part of the Baltic Sea beach in Warnemünde. On the contrary, life pulsates here all year round. Nevertheless, romantics will find enough space for sweet experiences and the good feeling together. E.g. at sunset or during hours together around the campfire well into the night (campfires and barbecues are allowed at specified places).

In addition to family-friendly bathing fun on the beaches that are guarded during the season, parents and children in Warnemünde can launch kites at beach block 1 and between entrances 3 and 4.

Eight playing and sports fields belong permanently to beach block 13, the Active Beach, during the season. The cracks compete here in handball, badminton, basketball, soccer or volleyball. In the areas that are separated from each other with black and white flags, surfers have priority over bathers.

Nudism fans don't have to look far to find the right spot for them on the beach in Warnemünde. Between the beach entrances 18 and 22 and between 25 and 38 are the purely textile-free areas, from 23 to 24 the mixed transition zone extends.

During the season, dogs are only allowed in two areas in Diedrichshagen and in the corresponding sections in Hohe Düne and into the sea. From October to April, the small and large "barkers" have a free run everywhere.

Non smoking tip: Beach section 12 in Warnemünde is a smoke-free zone.

Offers: Experience the beach, city and harbor with a short vacation in and around Rostock.

12. The Baltic Sea beach in Graal-Müritz

Clean, tidy and awarded the red banner for the professionally and well-equipped guarded beach - that is the 40-meter-long beach in the Baltic Sea spa Graal-Müritz. The very good water quality and the range of beach chairs complete the vacation and summer package. The romantic fishing village with the historic Büdner houses is just as inviting to stroll as the local pier.

The beach and the coastal protection forest are made for a vacation with your dog. Repeat offenders or holidaymakers should look carefully at the signs every time they stay. The stretches of beach that the Wuffi is allowed to go to like to change once. However, the sporting program here is not as diverse as elsewhere. If the wind cooperates, it is still worthwhile to hit the surfboard. However, hiking and cycling trails create the best conditions for Nordic walking or bike tours.

Nude bathing has been part of Graal-Müritz for 100 years. Proud of the tradition of exercising freedom, nudists now have large sections of the beach in Graal, Mitte and Müritz at their disposal.

Collector's tip: Started a hike along the beach towards Markgrafenheide and you are quickly far away from the hustle and bustle. If you keep your eyes open, you can take an amber or at least a chicken god home with you.

Offers: Book your Baltic Sea holiday in Graal-Müritz now and enjoy the endless beach and the healthy forest and moor air.

13. The beach in Prerow on the Darß

Snow-white sand or unspoilt nature - in Prerow holidaymakers can decide anew every day and according to their mood, what they feel like. For nature lovers, the beach in Prerow is one of the most beautiful on the Baltic Sea. The five kilometer long north beach is guarded, has beach chair rental (9 euros per day), WiFi hotspot in the area of ​​the DLRG main tower and large areas for sporting activities. Especially water sports such as kiting, surfing and sailing can be done excellently here. At the beach crossing point 22 there is a lot going on every day on the Prerow sports beach during the season. From yoga in the morning to stand-up paddle tours into the sunset, the program is packed here. And the sporty “Beachkids” childcare service is popular with young and old.

While the children are playing beach soccer or other competitions, parents have enough time to relax on the beautiful beach or go on a discovery tour in the romantic fishing village.

From October 1st to April 30th there are no prohibited zones for dogs on the beach in Prerow. In the rest of the time, you can stay (of course only together with your master or mistress) at the beach sections 22, 23 and 24. Prerow is also the perfect place for nudists. You are on the beach sections 27, 28 and 32 below.

A different kind of beach chair tip: The beach chair reading nights in the “literary summer” are developing more and more from an insider tip to a tradition. Cuddled up in blankets, with a view of the dark sea or the romantic starry sky, the guests listen to funny, exciting or stimulating stories. Admission is free.

Offers: Arrangements for relaxing days on the beach in and around Prerow on the Darß

14. The beach in Binz on Rügen

The beautiful beach in Binz on Rügen has a flat shore area. The main beach alone is five kilometers long, up to 70 meters wide, stone-free and has fine sand. Families in particular love this place. The erection of Kleckerburgen, excessive beach chair comfort (prices from 12 euros per day for the standard seating to 16 euros per day for the XL luxury format) gives you perfect days at the sea. Sporty distraction can be found with water skiing, on the banana boat or while sailing on the water as well as on the active beach with volleyball, tai chi or zumba.

But it's not just the water that delights in Binz. Binz in particular is famous for its spa architecture, which makes a big impression on bathers on the way to the water via the beach promenade. The historical buildings also make Binz a candidate for the most beautiful beach on the Baltic Sea. Exclusive hotels, cafés, restaurants and shops line the route.

Dog owners should turn off the beach promenade at exit 1 and exit 52 to the sea. Nudists can drop their sleeves in beach areas 1, 49 and 54.

Art tip: Larger-than-life sandstone sculptures protrude from the dune. They were created in 1985 at the “1. Ostseeplenair ". In addition, the spa concerts on the Kurplatz know how to entertain during the summer months.

Offers: Book your next Baltic Sea days and beautiful beach hours in Binz on Rügen here.

15. The beach in Göhren on Rügen

Calling your own two fantastically beautiful Baltic Sea beaches in Göhren on Rügen because of its location on a peninsula. Lonely corners are more likely to be found on the south beach. Hustle and bustle and action are the order of the day on the north beach. Turbulent sports such as skimboarding but of course also the classics such as beach handball, soccer or volleyball are at home at TIKI BEACH between beach entrances 11 and 13. Since 2016, beachminton can also be measured here. And every second Friday in July and August you can sweat to hot rhythms. That's when the Tiki Beach parties start here with campfires, cocktails and music. And if it should be sport, but for a change on the lawn, then the adventure golf course at the level of beach access 10 should be paid a visit.

The Göhrener Nordstrand is one of the most beautiful on the Baltic Sea and offers everything that holidaymakers expect from the coast: white, fine sand, the water only gradually deepens. The non-smoking areas at beach exit 5 and 8 are particularly popular with families. More than 400 beach chairs give holidaymakers the comfort they want. The standard version can be rented for eight euros per day, the luxury model costs eleven euros per day.

Romantics find it difficult to end a stroll on the beautiful beach in Göhren. How can that be? It's seven kilometers long. But the beach promenade with the sublime resort architecture also enchants those in love. Excursion steamers to the famous chalk cliffs start from the pier.

The sections at entrances 10 (there are also beach chairs) and 17 to 19 are expressly intended for stays with dogs. Nudist lovers can live out their demands on the north beach in Göhren. However, it is quieter on the natural south beach.

Downward tip: Not only children love to let themselves slide down rapidly from eleven meters from the giant slide directly on the beach. The 60 meter long object has been a magnet for young and old since 2010.

Offers: Arrangements for your beach holiday in Göhren on Rügen.

16. The beach in Sellin on Rügen

Sellin is the place for beautiful moments. Whether you go to the diving station together at the pier towards the seabed or enjoy the look of the community on a walk along the imposing villas. And anyone who has attended the annual Seebrückenfest will be fascinated by the atmosphere for a long time, not only because of the great fireworks display. But the pure holiday feeling can also be savored to the full on the one kilometer long but 60 meter wide main beach in the north below the pier, for example from the beach chair (price: approx. 8 euros / day). From the south beach, holidaymakers cast their gaze on the steep coast and the adjoining Baltic seaside resorts of Baabe and Göhren.

Athletes can also find balance here with an exciting beach volleyball match. During the season, entertainers on the beach give their best every day so that you don't get bored.

It's not just the feeling that families get in Sellin that is excellent. This beach has already been awarded one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea, with "Gustav", the crowned fish for family-friendly holidays. Not least because of the children's program organized by the spa administration. The offers range from sports competitions to handicraft lessons. Even if you have your dog with you, you should definitely aim for the designated section on the south beach. On the north beach, however, there is another area where four-legged friends are allowed, namely to the left of the pier. Nudist joys can be indulged in at 500 meters on the steep bank.

Stroll tip: Wilhelmstrasse in all its splendor is the perfect place to start or end a tranquil or entertaining day at the beach in Sellin. The beautiful villas in the resort architecture, exclusive boutiques, nice cafes and good restaurants make a stroll tasty even for those who don't like to walk.

Offers: Enjoy sun, wind and water on Sellin Beach on Rügen.

17. The beach in Zinnowitz on Usedom

It's three kilometers long, the beautiful beach in Zinnowitz. The smooth transition into the water is especially loved by children. And the fact that shells and sometimes even amber can be found in the fine sand is not only a delight for the little visitors. In the season, the spa administration invites you to children's events.

At several entrances it is possible to rent a beach chair for eight euros a day for a comfortable stay. Those who order the seating furniture for several days can save money. But it's not just in summer that everything here on Usedom revolves around comfortable utensils. Every last Saturday in January, the participants fight for the world championship in the beach chair sprint. Teams of two - as strong as possible - men have to maneuver the 60 kilogram part as quickly as possible over a distance of 20 meters. Incidentally, the record is 4.91 seconds.

Mini golf and tennis, sailing or surfing - sports enthusiasts will also find sweaty or lively side activities here. The friends of the seamless tan should orientate themselves towards Trassenheide. There is the nudist section of this beautiful Baltic Sea beach.

Animal tip: It is no surprise that there is a designated area for dogs in Zinnowitz in the direction of Trassenheide. The north of the island of Usedom is also a worthwhile destination for passionate riders. From the Bannemin riding stables or from the Friesenhof Trassenheide you can breathe in the good Baltic Sea air on the beach of Zinnowitz directly on horseback.

Offers: Off to the Zinnowitz beach with the short trips from

18. The beach in Bansin on Usedom

On the steep coast it gets stony, otherwise it scores with white and fine-grain sand, as is typical of Usedom, the beautiful Baltic Sea beach in Bansin. The 285-meter-long pier invites you to take a leisurely evening stroll, as does the beach promenade, from which you can enjoy the view of the beautiful beach and the sea. Beach chair supporters have to spend around seven euros per day here. Even if the sea beckons with shallow, refreshing water, the playground right by the pier is always loved by the youngsters. They especially like the trampoline. And if jumping makes you hungry, you can have a bite to eat at the beach snack bar next door.

The beach volleyball field and various water sports options create enough space for active vacationers to enjoy their movement.

Dog lovers have to orientate themselves on the beautiful beach in Bansin towards Heringsdorf and settle down on the Sack Canal. Nudist friends hike to the Lange Berg in the direction of Ückeritz.

Snack tip: Nothing beats a fresh fish sandwich from the fishermen's huts in the dunes by the pier.

Offers: Experience the Baltic Sea beach of Usedom near Bansin and Heringsdorf.

19. The beach in Heringsdorf on Usedom

The beautiful beach of Heringsdorf is monitored daily by lifeguards during the summer season, who show that they have foresight. Guests who want to enjoy this too should venture onto the pier, which at 508 meters is the longest in all of Germany. Wind and weather cannot affect strollers here, as the building is covered. A candlelight dinner in the pier restaurant crowns a romantic beach day.

Heringsdorf, which optically scores with its magnificent bathing architecture, also knows how to come up with a beautiful beach and the beach chairs that go with it. The largest of its kind is right on the beach promenade and can accommodate more than 90 people. A trampoline right on the beach, an adventure playground and the mini golf course right on the promenade give families with children the opportunity to spend varied days on Usedom.

Fitness enthusiasts experience their paradise between Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck. On the active promenade you can flex your muscles and work on 22 different devices and obstacles in four different areas. But that's not all: Stand-up paddling, beach volleyball, soccer and handball, yoga, beach gymnastics, Nordic walking and much more are all part of the program on the sports beach between Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf.

There is no official nudist beach on the Baltic Sea in Heringsdorf. However, the nudists have conquered a small stretch of beach towards Bansin. Dog owners also have to open up to the official area at the Sack Canal.

Rest tip: Especially in the season, the daily flood of visitors proves how popular the beautiful beach in Heringsdorf is. A secluded spot is not an option. If you want something more secluded, you should visit the somewhat quieter section below the television tower on the Kulm.

Offers: Enjoy relaxing days on the beach in Heringsdorf.

20. The beach in Ahlbeck on Usedom

On the island of Usedom you will also find one of the most beautiful beaches on the Baltic Sea: Stroll past the beautiful seaside architecture villas, stroll leisurely along the beach promenade and climb the pier for a view or a beautiful sunset - the Kaiserbad Ahlbeck also offers space for great emotions . Especially after a cozy day in a beach chair (prices: seven to eight euros), lovers are almost intoxicated by strolling through this beautiful place.

Families feel right at home on the white, stone-free, beautiful beach in summer weather. The entry into the water is not designed as a major overcoming, it only gets deeper slowly. Snack bars, playgrounds and the largest possible sandpit for building castles hold little or no whining potential for the very young guests.

Vacationers from Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck use the sports beach and the active promenade equally. Dog lovers and nudist advocates must at least orientate themselves in the same direction - towards the Polish border. The dog beach on the Baltic Sea in Ahlbeck scores with its own beach chair rental and access to the beach forest and, with a length of 1.2 kilometers, is extremely generous in terms of space.

Speed ​​rush tip: Near the pier, vacationers can rent a personal watercraft or jet ski for a hot ride on the waves.

Offers: Book your short break in the seaside resort of Ahlbeck on Usedom now.