Why do people watch Netflix

This is how much Netflix users watch per year - how are you doing on average?

Have you seen everything on Netflix? According to a study, most of them don't come anywhere near this goal.

In times of the Corona crisis, Netflix is ‚Äč‚Äčindispensable for many users. When much of the leisure activities were banned at the beginning of the quarantine, people rushed to the streaming provider. Some people certainly had the feeling that they had seen everything on Netflix. However, the platform's database is expanded almost daily with new films and series, so can you really have seen everything on Netflix?

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Certainly not. However, this answer will not surprise most users. What will surprise some serial bingers, however, is how much you actually consume each year. According to Reviews.org, the average users of the streaming platform stream poor ones 2% the content in twelve months. So we're just scratching the surface and we're still miles away from this meme:

After four years with all Netflix content through

Currently you would be over 36,000 hours need to stream all content on Netflix. So one would be over four years employed. 2% of that per year would mean an average of 733 hours of watching Netflix per year. That is the equivalent of a good 30 days or a whole month a year just Netflix or two hours a day.

However, it is not possible to see the entire program of the streaming provider anyway. Due to the constant exchange of content, many films or series would have disappeared from the range before they could even be seen.

Even those who only focus on the exclusive content will have a lot to do. Thanks to its in-house productions, Netflix has over 5,400 films and serieswhich can only be found on the streaming service. The still young streaming provider Disney +, on the other hand, currently has 744. So if you really want to stream the entire program on such a platform, you should try Disney + (subscribe now). Or simply watch your favorite series for the fifth time and be satisfied with the average.

You know more than 2% of all Netflix series? Then it proves in our quiz:

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