Is jewelry a worthwhile purchase

Precious metal alloys as an investment

Precious metals and their various alloys are popular with investors. Investors are clearly enthusiastic about rising prices. If you want to buy jewelry as an investment, you should know the rules of the market and stick to them.

If you inherited real gold jewelry, you were already toying with the idea of ​​selling it. A look at the price tags in the shop window of a jeweler also gives rise to the idea of ​​investing your money in jewelery. High prices for precious metals like gold, platinum, silver, as palladium clearly show that it is extremely stable investments are.

If you look at the facts, the conclusion can only be that jewelry is worthwhile as a capital investment and is very attractive. In spite of everything, you should take a closer look before investing in expensive valuables. The price of precious metals is subject to fluctuations. You should know the price fluctuations and assess them precisely. Buying high-quality jewelry for investment purposes is only recommended when you find that the price is rising permanently. So what should you know before you buy jewelery and consider it an investment?

The following applies to retail investors:

As an ordinary investor who is looking for a new form of investment, you should be a little more careful with precious jewelry. The purchase price of the piece of jewelery often exceeds its value compared to other forms of investment and the return as such is always uncertain. If, on the other hand, you receive or inherit such a piece of jewelry as a gift, you should view the jewelry as an investment and keep it as emergency capital.

For wealthy investors, precious jewelry is a worthwhile form of investment

If the purchase amount in a five- or six-digit amount is not an obstacle for you or if you like to collect such pieces of jewelry for yourself or buy them as gifts, nothing negative stands in the way of an investment.

Real jewelry always retains its value

So if you want to purchase jewelry as an investment, it has to be real jewelry. You can recognize real jewelry by the number of carats. E.g. the higher the specified carats for gold, the purer the alloy. The 333 ring made of gold contains much less precious metal than one made of 555 or the ring made of 750 gold.

For this reason, the ring with a high carat number is considerably more expensive than the one with less carats. As an investment, you should definitely buy jewelry with a high precious metal content, regardless of the piece of jewelry and its precious metal. Therefore, always spend a larger amount on high-quality jewelry so that you can still enjoy it even after several years. Even reselling at a profit depends on the quality of a piece of jewelry.

So decide before buying whether it should be cheap costume jewelry for everyday use or should it be a high-quality piece of jewelry that can be considered an investment. If it is to be an investment, choose high-quality jewelry made of precious metals in any case.

Gold, platinum and precious stones - a good and sought-after investment!

The value of the piece of jewelery is the higher, the higher the quality, i.e. the more expensive its precious metal content. Silver, on the other hand, is comparatively inexpensive as a raw material. In fact, the silver price has always risen slightly in recent years. But silver is much cheaper compared to gold or platinum. Sterling silver is often used in the low-price segment as an alloy for jewelry. Silver looks good, but is not suitable as an investment.

Gold in all shades of color, as well as platinum, is an alternative. When it comes to gold, it doesn't matter whether you buy yellow gold, white gold or red gold. All gold tones have their own charm. Yellow gold, for example, looks particularly good on brown-haired women. White gold contrasts with the blonde hair and blue eyes of Nordic types of women. Red gold works particularly well on red hair, but is also extremely elegant in creations with yellow or / and white gold.
A mixture of the 3 gold tones suits all hair and skin types. It can also be used flexibly for a wide range of wardrobes. The choice of a gold color is entirely up to you according to your personal taste.

Platinum is more valuable than all shades of gold. It is one of the most expensive precious metals. Jewelry made of platinum or with a high platinum content is a very good investment. Platinum looks classically elegant. Such a piece of jewelry exudes high quality and can be recognized at first glance. Platinum goes particularly well with women with light hair.

Rings, necklaces and earrings with diamonds or brilliant-cut diamonds are extremely valuable!

Gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies look very noble in every piece of jewelry. These can also be used with semi-precious stones in appealing colors. When buying jewelry with precious stones as an investment, always choose high-quality stones of the highest quality.

Then always buy classic colors, which will still be in demand in several years. A beautiful semi-precious stone, which is in great demand in one season, looks chic, but is a bad buy as an investment because demand may decline in the future.

Large gemstones with a very high carat number retain their value. The current value of such stones is often already in the six or seven-digit range. Anyone who wants to invest in such a piece of jewelry can choose one that is more elaborate in terms of color and shape. Its value is more likely to increase in the future. The demand among connoisseurs will remain at a high level.

Exchange rate fluctuations must be taken into account

The selling price of a piece of jewelry always depends on the precious metal price. The low gold price from the past has risen slightly over the past five years.

Someone who invested in gold ten years ago can now make a profit selling them. Every precious metal has price fluctuations. The rate depends on supply and demand.
Therefore, pay attention to the current precious metal price before buying. As long as it has not fallen significantly in recent years, you can sell a piece of jewelry. Due to the increasing material value and due to the collector's value, which makes the collector's item, you can always sell a valuable piece of jewelry for a profit.