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Amazon Payments: What does the Amazon A-Z guarantee actually guarantee?

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When can you apply for the Amazon guarantee?

According to Amazon, you can claim the Amazon A-Z guarantee if you have paid for physical goods (i.e. digital products, services or vouchers) from a third party provider (i.e. not from Amazon) via Amazon Payments or Amazon Marketplace. If you have paid for your order via Amazon Payment, you can make use of the A-Z guarantee in three cases:

  • If you have paid for the purchased item via Amazon Payments and have not received it within 15 days of placing your order.
  • If you have received the purchased item on time, but it is defective or clearly does not match the seller's description. Contact your seller within 14 days of receiving the item. Apply for the guarantee if your seller doesn't respond or doesn't resolve the matter to your satisfaction.
  • If you have declared the cancellation to the seller or have agreed with him to return the item and the seller does not return your money after returning the goods.

In all three cases, you must contact your seller prior to making a claim under the guarantee.

Note the limitations of the Amazon guarantee

Please note that your warranty claim expires after 90 days with Amazon Marketplace and after 75 days with Amazon Payments. So you shouldn't delay the warranty application too long so that it doesn't expire. The total amount of the guarantee is also limited to 2,500 euros including shipping costs.

Apply for an Amazon guarantee - this is how you proceed

You apply for the guarantee by calling up the order for which you want to claim the guarantee in your account. Then click on "Having trouble with this order?" You will be taken to a page with suggested solutions. At the very bottom you will find the button "Submit warranty claim". You should only click on this if the attempt to reach an agreement with the seller has failed. Then you can submit the application.

On the application page, select the item from the order that relates to your application. Next, select the reason for your warranty claim and describe your concerns as precisely as possible.

Amazon asks you to confirm that you have already unsuccessfully contacted the seller. You need to confirm that you have read the A-Z Guarantee Conditions and to know the legal consequences of a false claim (fraud). Amazon requires you to fully cooperate by providing all documents and transferring your claims against the seller to Amazon up to the amount of the guarantee payment.

If you want to cancel your warranty claim, for example if the item still arrives, this can only be done via Amazon customer service.

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