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The classic nose piercing is one of the most popular types of piercing - especially for women - and one of the oldest. In Asia, the nostril piercing (piercing pierced through the nostril) spread very early. About 4000 years ago, nose piercing came to India from the Middle East and later to Europe. The Nostril nose piercing was used in Asia as a talisman in women in the left nostril.

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With us you will find many types of nose piercing jewelry, from a simple nose piercing plug made of titanium or surgical steel 316 L to a nose piercing in the form of a fancy septum clicker. You can also buy nose piercing made of 14 carat gold or 925 silver from us. We particularly recommend a titanium nose stud to customers who are allergic to nickel. The prices of a nose piercing vary between 1.49 € and approx. 30 €, depending on the material used. You will also find many nose piercing sets in our range. A package usually contains between two to five nose studs. If you are not quite sure whether a nose piercing ring is the best for you, we recommend a fake nose ring. With a fake nose ring, you don't need to prick the nostril and it still looks real.

A nasal septum piercing (septum nasi) is a type of nose piercing. The piercer pierces through the mixed tissue below the nasal septum. The septum piercing is very clearly visible and is one of the most unusual nose piercings. In recent years the nasal septum piercing has become a new trend in Germany as a septum clicker and fake septum piercing.

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We also offer you many BCR rings, horseshoes with balls or spikes and of course new nasal septum clickers in different colors such as black, silver, gold. Many septum rings have stones set in, which make the look even more extraordinary.

The fake septum rings look like a real septum piercing and can hardly be distinguished from the septum piercing. The fake septum rings are a great opportunity for people who cannot yet decide on a real nasal septum or who cannot wear it due to their job.

The septum piercing is also worn by men and for them a septum fake piercing is a good start before they decide to have a septum pierced.

The stinging of a septum piercing is rather painful. The piercing usually heals within 3 to 6 weeks. If you have a cold, you should postpone the appointment for piercing the septum, as there is a risk that the wound will become infected, especially if you have a cold.

You should not forget to take care of the septum piercing and disinfect it with suitable care products.