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Salesforce and Slack: Enabling Sales and Service to Work Together

Salesforce was one of our first partners and integrated with Slack from the start to make it easier for sales teams to access important account information. With the growth of our common customer base, which has included tens of thousands of team installations over the years, so has our customers' desire for more comprehensive integrations between our two platforms.

That brings us up to date and the release of a new Salesforce app for Slack. The new app includes a major update to our existing Sales Cloud integration as well as a brand new integration with Service Cloud. By using Slack and Salesforce, project teams are always up to date with their Salesforce records in Slack. This allows them to react faster to new opportunities and work seamlessly with colleagues across the organization.

With the release of these new integrations, the next phase of our partnership with Salesforce begins, in which we implement our joint commitment to a comprehensive range of product integrations. These investments not only increase the productivity of the project teams and deepen their cooperation, but also support the continuous success of our mutual customers.

“All of our activities at Salesforce are geared towards making our customers successful, and that includes giving them the flexibility to integrate with Salesforce wherever they work,” says Ryan Aytay, EVP of Strategic Partnerships and Quip Co-CEO at Salesforce. "This deeper integration between Salesforce and Slack is an important means for us to comprehensively optimize how our mutual customers work."

The new Salesforce app for Slack:

So that project teams always stay up to date

With the new integration options, there is no longer any reason for your team to miss timely updates of important information in Salesforce. Your sales and service reps can now receive custom notifications instantly in Slack, so they don't have to interrupt their work or sign in to a separate tool. Optimized communication gives your team more time to concentrate on the essentials: the customers.

Keeps everyone up to date

Search and preview Salesforce records like accounts, opportunities, and cases without leaving Slack. In case someone else needs to get the information, just tag them in Slack and they'll get all the context. Executives and account stakeholders can use the slash command / salesforce [account name] to pull critical details from Salesforce into Slack so they can get instant visibility into critical accounts - even when they're on the go.

Extends the collaboration between sales and service

The new app also makes it easier to share Salesforce information with colleagues across the organization. Team members can send their records from Salesforce directly to Slack, choosing where and with whom they want to share the information. Slack conversations can also be added to Salesforce records so that important messages about an account or case can be viewed in Salesforce. Sales employees can, for example, For example, inform the extended team about the status of a deal, and support agents can reach out to colleagues and subject matter experts to review a customer issue while they work on a case.

Slack is designed to keep project teams on the same page and give them quick access to important information. By integrating with tools that project teams rely on to get their jobs done, we can deliver on that promise. We understand that Salesforce and Slack are an integral part of the day-to-day workflow of sales and service teams in the modern workplace. We'll be releasing more improvements soon to add support for custom objects and workflows in Salesforce, so team members can get more information from Salesforce records right in Slack.

“We continue to see our customers demanding seamless integrations between key business solutions like Salesforce and Slack. With the new integrations of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, we are delivering on the promise of the Slack platform to bring people, applications and data together, especially for sales and service professionals, ”says Brad Armstrong, VP of Corporate and Business Development at Slack. "These new integrations reflect a deeper alignment between the two companies and offer our mutual customers a first-class experience with the Slack and Salesforce platforms."

Your project teams can start taking advantage of the new features today by going to the Slack App Directory and downloading the Salesforce App for Slack.


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