What name should I give my baby?

The right first name for the child

Why not?

It's the sound. That is the main motivation that parents go after. And the brevity. Otto, Irma, Klara, Ben, Emma. One- and two-syllable names are trending right now. These names are perceived as sporty, short, crisp, flexible and smart. That's probably why they're so successful right now.

Do you see regional differences in the trends?

Yes. The more you come to the east and north, the more parents give their children short names. In the south there are still the full forms. Max in Saxony is more like Maximilian in Bavaria. This is probably due to the fact that Bavaria is predominantly Catholic and the names of the saints are often taken. That makes up for it very well in the statistics. Today, children in Germany are given 50 percent short and 50 percent longer or multiple first names - this is often related to the godparents and grandparents.

Are there statistical outliers?

A lot. We have half a million names in Germany and 1000 new ones are added every year.

How do the new names come about?

For example, by combining two first names. In Leipzig we had the case that a Kerstin and a Ron wanted to name their son Keron. We check whether there are similar first names and whether the name Keron is immediately perceived as a male first name. Then it is permissible. Many new creations also arise from binational relationships. A Turkish-German couple wanted to give their son the names of his grandfathers. That was Mohammed and Franz. The parents then turned it into Framo.

How do internet and television influence naming?

Very. The name Lucifer has come up again and again recently. At first we couldn't explain why parents suddenly named their child after the devil. Until I did some research on the internet and found out that there was a series on TV called Lucifer.

Can you call your child that?

Well, we as reviewers reject names like Satan. And Lucifer has a similar negative meaning to us. In the TV series, however, this "devil" does good deeds on earth. However, that is not enough for us to be able to make a recommendation. But the name Lucifer was simply approved by individual registry offices - without any expert opinion. That probably has to do with this series too.

Has the choice of name gained importance?

Today parents already have a great responsibility because they make choices
the name of the child's life to a certain extent. Above all, this has to do with the prejudices that many associate with certain names. Children then have to prove more that they do not correspond to the prejudices. This is a sad development that has increased in recent years.