Why do people chase things in vain


21I made up my mind to enjoy life and be happy. But I noticed: That too is in vain!
White 2.6
2Laughter is for fools, and joy - what does it bring in? Prov 14:13

Is it worth doing something?

3I wanted to participate in full life like people who do not care about wisdom and insight; but the mind should keep the lead. I drank wine to get myself in the mood because I wanted to find out whether man could find happiness anywhere during his short days of life
Prov 20: 1

4I did great things: I built houses and planted vineyards. 5I planted orchards and planted all kinds of fruit trees in them. 6I created ponds to water the many growing trees. 7I bought numerous slaves in addition to those I had inherited from my father. I owned more cattle and sheep and goats than anyone before me in Jerusalem. 1 Kings 5: 3
8I filled my storerooms with silver and gold from the treasures of the conquered kings and countries. I kept myself singers and took as many women as a man could wish for. 1 Kings 5: 1
2 Sam 19.36
1 Kings 11: 3

9So I became more powerful and richer than all who had ruled in Jerusalem before me. Because I was so knowledgeable about 1.16
1 Kings 10:23
10I could get everything my eyes liked and I did not deny myself pleasure. With all my efforts, I had gotten to the point where I was actually happy.

11But then I thought about everything I had done and achieved and came to the conclusion: Everything is in vain and chasing wind. Nothing comes out despite all the effort that man makes under the sun. 1,3

Is it worth acquiring knowledge?

12I wanted to know whether something different comes out of wisdom than ignorance and folly. For what will the man do who follows me on the royal throne? Determine what one has always done! 2.12 Or what is the man who succeeds the king whom they have long established? 1.17

13It is true that wisdom is better than ignorance, just as light is better than darkness
14The knower sees where he is going; the ignorant gropes in the dark. But I also realized: Both ends up with the same fate
Job 9: 21-22
15So if, in spite of my wisdom, I feel the same as the incomprehensible, why do I try so hard? And I said to myself: That too is in vain. 7.16
16Smart ones have to die just like stupid ones. And one does not remember any longer than the others. How soon they will all be forgotten! Ps 49:11
17I was spoiled for my whole life. You can do what you want under the sun - it's all in vain and chasing the wind.

18I was spoiled for all the fruits of my labor. I have to leave everything to someone else who comes after me
Ps 39.7
19Who knows if he has the brains to use it sensibly. Nevertheless, he will have at his disposal everything that I have acquired with such effort through my great knowledge. That too is a wasted effort! 20Then I began to despair because I had bothered myself for nothing and again nothing. 21Someone struggles with wisdom and skill and achieves something; but then he has to bequeath it to someone who hasn't lifted a finger for it. That too is in vain and a great evil! Sir 11: 18-19
22In the end, what is the benefit of all of man's exertion? 5:16
Job 7.1-2
23He has nothing but worries and plagues all his life, even at night his thoughts do not come to rest. That too is a wasted effort!

Who can enjoy life?

24There is nothing better for people than to eat and drink and enjoy what they have earned. But this happiness does not depend on himself: it is a gift from God. 3: 12-1322
25For who has to eat or has reason to be happy without him? 2.25 without him with some manuscripts and G; H without me.26He gives wisdom, knowledge and joy to people whom God pleases. But he gives the others the occupation of collecting and accumulating in order to then give everything to those who please him. Here again: wasted effort and the hunt for the wind. Job 27: 16-17
Prov 2.6