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Flying with a baby checklist: What can you bring in your hand luggage?

The first flight with the offspring is just around the corner - but before the plane takes off, many parents are unsure: What is allowed in hand luggage? Do bottles and the like pass the security checks?

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Flying with a baby: What can I carry in my hand luggage?

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We all want to fly safely, of course, especially with babies. The hand luggage rules for flying, which came into force in 2006, promise passengers just that: more safety.

Whether the ban on liquids and the strict controls really contribute to this is controversial - but one thing is clear: Fortunately, those who fly with a baby enjoy a few exceptions.

Special regulation for baby food

The good news: baby food, baby milk and baby food are not subject to the 100 ml quantity restriction and can be carried in hand luggage. Just like for urgently needed personal medication, there is a special regulation here.

Baby food does not have to be packed in the 1 liter plastic bag like other liquids. However, the quantities carried should be realistic rations, adapted to the duration of the flight. To avoid complications with the security check, you should pack as much of it as necessary, but not conspicuously more.

For the control staff, plausibility is crucial: parents who carry their baby in their arms and show the security staff without being asked the baby milk or the jars will usually be able to pass the controls quickly. The following applies to larger quantities of baby food: put it in your luggage.

Even if you usually cook the baby food yourself: When flying, you should avoid food that you cooked yourself, which is stowed in plastic containers, if possible. Many control staff are a bit more generous with families with small children, but you cannot rely on that.

After nerve-wracking explanations, you may end up with no food for the baby!


Checklist for your baby hand luggage when flying

In addition to the necessary food, the following things should definitely be carried in baby's hand luggage:

  • Diapers for the flight (plus reserve for delays and delays)
  • Changing mat
  • Wet wipes
  • Wound protection cream (maximum 100 ml - here the liquid regulation takes effect again!)
  • 1 set of clothes to change
  • warmer clothes and thick socks, because when flying it is often cool and drafty
  • Pacifiers and replacement pacifiers
  • Toys, small picture books (as new as possible, so that interest remains aroused)
  • Medication for the baby
  • Bib and spoon (possibly disposable bibs)
  • Baby food for the flight (plus reserve for delays and delays)
  • Baby milk / feeding bottle
  • what the baby needs to sleep: cuddly toy, blanket
  • Baby seat


Tip: Only mix baby milk on the plane

If you want to be on the safe side, do not mix the baby bottle ready at home, but simply take the dry powder with you in your hand luggage. This is not subject to any quantity restrictions and on the plane you get hot water for preparation free of charge from the flight crew of almost all airlines.

The same applies to baby food and baby tea - simply prepare on the plane when your baby asks for it.


This is not allowed in hand luggage!

Nail scissors or other pointed objects do not belong in hand luggage - exceptions are almost always made if the tips or blades are shorter than 6 cm. To be on the safe side, you should still pack the toiletry bag for your little treasure in your big luggage.


The buggy is also checked

Before the buggy or pram is allowed to fly, it is also checked. It has to be folded up and placed on the treadmill - either at the bulky baggage counter if you want to check it in as special baggage, or at the security check if you want to take it with you until you get on the plane.

At home, you should remove everything that is superfluous from the luggage rack and the shelf. This saves you stress, because the car has to be empty during the inspection. Play trailers or the like should also be removed, otherwise they may not come with you.


At many airports, families with young children are given preference in the security check - if you don't see an extra line for families, ask!


Do you want to know more about flying with babies? This post gives you a good overview.

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