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Communists: Mao on Stalin - "There are stinking farts"

They appear on postage stamps, shaking hands in a companionable way. They stand side by side in the stands, applauding. Their heads complete the series of "great teachers" on posters, which begins with Marx, Engels and Lenin. They sit together on a painting in intimate conversation. "The great friendship" is the title. And an exaggeration if you look beyond the official announcements at the words that Stalin said about Mao, that Mao said about Stalin.

Stalin called Mao a “caveman Marxist” and a “Marxist built on sand” who had not read “Capital” (the first Chinese translation appeared in 1938). He described Mao's writings as "feudalistic", accused him of "a policy of Asian cunning out of flattery, deceit, faithlessness and cruel revenge".

Mao, on the other hand, compared the relationships to one another with cat and mouse, because Stalin acted like an old mandarin towards the Chinese. That is why “the Chinese revolution triumphed against the will of Stalin”. In addition, the Russians “never trusted the Chinese, and Stalin was the worst”. Mao's management style characterized Mao with the sentence: “There are fragrant and smelly farts. One should not think that all Soviet farts are fragrant. If others now say that something stinks from them, we will also join in and say that it stinks. "

That was after Nikita Khrushchev's speech at the XX. Party congress