Who enjoys life the most

Enjoy life: this is how you succeed at any time (even in everyday stress)

"Enjoy life!"

They all advise you.

But nobody really does it.

We all want it, but before that there is still a lot to do, right?

To really enjoy life we ​​need:

  • a good job
  • a house
  • a good pension
  • a solution to some major and minor problems in our life
  • … this and that!

So it can still be a good while before we can finally enjoy life. It's a shame actually.

Wouldn't it be great if we could enjoy life sooner?

For example, in 6 minutes after reading this article?


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Can't you just enjoy life now?

Life is short.

Isn't it better to just enjoy it now?

That's exactly what I've asked myself many times.

And I found an answer. In the form of the following wonderful story.

She keeps showing me in a very amusing way what it really means to enjoy life and how it works.

But just get an idea for yourself:


The story of the fisherman and the millionaire

It so happened that a very wealthy man was vacationing on a beautiful island in the South Sea. On a bright and beautiful day, he strolled across the island and enjoyed life. He heard the sounds of the animals and the sea, the chirping of the crickets, the chirping of the colorful birds and the rustling of the sea. While he was floating apparently blissfully over the sandy bottom of the beach and looking over the vastness of the sea, he discovered a fisherman who was contentedly in the sun and enjoying the day.

Hello fisherman, the millionaire greeted him. What are you doing here? I lie in the sun and enjoy the day. You know, I caught so many fish yesterday that I can lazily lie in the sun today, replied the fisherman.

But, said the millionaire, I don't understand! If you had gone out today, you could catch a lot more fish and make a lot of money. And what's in it for me? Asked the fisherman.

Well, said the millionaire. With the money you can buy a bigger boat and catch even more fish and make even more money! And what's in it for me? Asked the fisherman again. With all the money you could then build a fish factory and then you would be rich !!! Yes, and what do I do with all that money? Asked the fisherman. Well, then you could go on vacation on a beautiful island, enjoy life and lie in the sun, replied the millionaire.

Whereupon the fisherman smiled mischievously and said: Yes, what do you think I'm doing ?!

[found on Einfach-innehalten.de]


Enjoy life - anywhere, anytime

Ultimately, we all have the goal of living and enjoying the good life somewhere.

Regardless of whether you are a small fish or a global player.

The only problem is that we often think that this and that is still necessary to finally get there. In the end, however, these are all things that are not really important things in life. With the millionaire in history you can see very well what a huge detour he takes in his mind to get to where the fisherman is now.

"It is so easy to get comfortable enjoyment that one only has to be amazed how seldom it is to be found."

(Alexander von Villers)

The millionaire doesn't do this on purpose, of course. He simply follows the scheme "F" that he has learned and according to which he lives and acts almost automatically.

And like him, we all learned a scheme "F". And not just in terms of money.

The principle and the moral from this beautiful story can be wonderfully transferred to many other situations in life where we believe that we still lack something for our happiness. All we have to do is learn to let go of these thought patterns. Here are three examples from my life that you may also relate to:


1. Enjoy life, even when problems are troubling you

"We cannot solve all the problems in our life, but we could get rid of some."

(Ernst Ferstl)

I sometimes had and still have the need to get things done as quickly as possible.

If any problems arise, then I will do everything I can to get rid of them as soon as possible so that I have "peace and quiet" again. So that my world is "whole" again and I can enjoy life again.

But lately I've realized more and more how unnecessary this is.

First of all, the next problem usually comes straight away as soon as one has been fixed, because problems are like shark teeth!

Second, it is a misconception that you can only be calm and relaxed once you have solved all your problems.

The above story proves that.

Why shouldn't you just lie down on the bed and read a good book, even though the car just broke down? The workshop will still be available tomorrow.

In addition, I was able to determine the following: Especially when problems are bothering you, you should enjoy life! It works wonders! The next day or the next week you can approach the matter much more relaxed and with a clear head and you will usually find a much better solution!

I don't always succeed by a long way. But more and more often. And it is really a great feeling when you realize that despite external unpleasant factors, you can be internally satisfied, happy and relaxed.


2. Enjoy life even when there is still a lot of work to be done

"You never notice what has already been done, you only see what remains to be done."

(Marie Curie)

When it comes to work, it's very similar.

No matter if professionally or privately.

Who does not know that?

There is a huge mountain of work ahead of you and you just wish that the earth would open up and devour it.

You would like to torch it so that you can finally have your peace and quiet and enjoy life.

I often feel the same way too. And as I mentioned above, I'm the type of guy who prefers to do everything at once so that I can get it done quickly.

But here it's the same as with the problems: If you work through a folder, someone comes along and puts three new ones on the pile for you. You see and see no end. This is also a common cause of frustration and dissatisfaction in the job.

So why not just treat yourself to a break and enjoy life despite the high work mountain? Just now?

Just let it be five and go for a walk in the park without thinking about work.

And here, too, the whole thing has an extremely positive effect on how you can get back to work afterwards.

But beware!

I'm not telling you here: "Enjoy life to be more productive!"

I tell you: "Enjoy life!"


3. Enjoy life even when you have duties to perform

"Duty: where you love what you command yourself."

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Same game.

I recently had an appointment with my landlord.

He had signed up for the afternoon, but had not given the exact time.

Although I was at home, I made myself comfortable in the hammock on the balcony.

It was one of those wonderful summer days that we have recently been able to enjoy here in Germany.

Unfortunately I couldn't hear the bell on the balcony. When this occurred to me, I became tense. I wanted to go back inside so that I could be sure to be able to keep the appointment.

Then suddenly the following thought occurred to me:

I wondered why it was so important to me to keep this appointment?

The answer was that it was about clearing up a problem that I wanted to get out of the world again as soon as possible. In addition, it was important to me to provide a reliable picture in front of my landlord.

So there were two more conditions that I thought I had to create so that I could enjoy life.

When I realized this I wondered why I wouldn't just enjoy it now?

And that's what I did: I stayed in the hammock and enjoyed the beautiful day.

But the best part of the story is that my landlord even forgot the appointment! He didn't come at all. And how would I have been annoyed if I had forced myself out of the hammock and my relaxation mode because of the appointment!


But doesn't that make it unproductive?

I know:

This “enjoy life” principle makes anything but productive.

But why do you have to be productive when you can enjoy life like that?

Don't get me wrong - of course, in some way you have to make sure that the "minimum" is met. Whether at work, your duties or other problems. If you just don't do anything anymore, you perish.

But that is not what the fsecure conveys in the story. He does what it takes and knows when he has done enough. This also includes a good portion of awareness or mindfulness. For example, if you are deep in the treadmill of making a career and do not question your thoughts and actions, you will not be able to see this easily.



"Most people are so rushed for pleasure that they run past him."

(Søren Aabye Kierkegaard)

If you really want to enjoy life, just enjoy life now!

It is not necessary to create a certain state first so that you can rest on it.

There's no need to even finish reading this article (although you made it right away).

Life is happening now, so you can only enjoy it now.

Frugality is a very important and effective tool that can help you in the same way it helped the fisherman.

If you find it difficult to just enjoy life, then one of my 101 relaxation tips might help you.

Where do you buy bigger boats and build factories even though you could have been lying in the sun for a long time? I'm looking forward to your commentary!

PS: You can find out more about the principle of letting go, which is the basis of this article, and how you can use it to free yourself from fears and worries and to find a free and easy life in which you can enjoy more, in my book about letting go.

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