How do smart water bottles work

Smart bottles

Everything becomes intelligent. So why not bottles too?
With Seed, the Chinese company “Moikit” is launching a “Smart Bottle” that has some electronic elements integrated into the lid.

The contents of the bottle can be permanently monitored with a sensor. For example, the display on the lid shows the temperature of the contents and signals “Warning, hot!”. Or the bottle warns of stale water if it has not been opened for a long time.

The stainless steel bottle also registers when you last consumed water. Is that still in the plan that was previously stored in the smartphone? It communicates with the cell phone via Bluetooth and can then provide information and remind you if necessary. With this one wants to counteract the bad “drinking habits” (here for an exception: not too much alcohol, but too little water!), Which one has noticed in over 95% of all people. Over 65% only drink water when they are thirsty, which according to Moikit is clearly not enough and can lead to many diseases.

Incidentally, the battery should last between 1 and 2 years - depending on the intensity of use.

Only until the beginning of January can Indiegogo help accelerate time-to-market by pre-ordering.

Image source and further information: Moikit, Indiegogo



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