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Every second person would donate health data for research purposes

Half of the people in Germany would provide their own health data for research purposes. This is the result of a representative survey published by IPSOS on Monday, which was commissioned by the Digital Autonomy Hub, a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Science.

Technology-savvy respondents are less skeptical

29 percent of those questioned would donate their health data for the first time in the future, 20 percent have already done so. A third are still undecided. Often there is a lack of further information for a decision-making, the survey further showed. Six out of ten respondents do not know that the collection and processing of personal data in science can enable improvements in medical treatment.

The study also asked about the effectiveness of the federal government's official corona warning app. Here, just under half of the respondents were convinced that the application was effective. People who are less familiar with the digital world are more likely to express doubts. 39 percent of the respondents who rate their own competence in dealing with digital devices and applications as poor or mediocre, consider an improved tracking of infections to be possible; 61 percent don't. In contrast, 51 percent of respondents who rate their own competence in handling digital devices and applications as good believe that it is possible to track infections more effectively; 49 percent don't.

Corona warning app improved

The official corona warning app of the federal government was recently expanded to include several functions and can now also display the results of rapid tests. The Corona warning app had previously been expanded to include a check-in function. This is primarily intended to better record high-risk encounters between people indoors.

In future versions, it should also be possible to display a digital vaccination certificate before the start of the summer holidays. This would enable users to prove that they have been fully vaccinated.

The Corona warning app had recorded 27.5 million downloads by May 7. Almost 450,000 positive test results have been shared via the applications so far, so that an estimated 2.6 million people were informed about a high-risk encounter in this way.

As part of the Digital Autonomy Hub, a research project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, a representative survey was carried out by IPSOS with 2000 respondents from March 5th to March 16th, 21st. The questions were: "Would you provide / donate your health data for health research purposes?"; "What advantages do you think are possible if personal data are collected and processed for scientific purposes?"; "Do you think the official corona warning app is effective in fighting the pandemic?"


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