Which tattoos are not unfortunate


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the deputy Mag. Johann Maier and comrades

to the Federal Minister of Justice

regarding legal issues and health concerns related to tattooing


Thousands of Austrians have had themselves tattooed in recent years.

There are "classic tattoos" as well as "tattoos" and "permanent make - ups"

In practice, this activity is free (without any commercial authorization) as well

also by commercially authorized persons (beauty therapists, make-up artists or

Beauticians), but also rumored by other traders

(e.g. masseurs).

There has been a real “tattoo boom” for years. In addition to classic tattooing

- especially from so-called Cosmetic studios - these services offered: e.g. so-called

Tattoos, organic tattoos, or cosmetic tattoos, permanent make - ups that are basically

should express the same thing (for permanent make-up, with the eyeliner,

Eyebrows or lip contours are pricked into the skin).

However, it is still unclear whether beauticians in Austria,

Beauty nurses and make-up artists are allowed to do this at all

(free trade?).

The making of tattoos in Austria by “non-doctors” is in fact controversial.

The question is whether this activity is also a right of reservation within the meaning of the Medical Act

represents. In other words, beauticians etc.

"Tattoos", "tattoos" and "permanent make - up" at all.


For the admissibility of "tattooing" (e.g. in cosmetic studios) at least that

Ministry of Economic Affairs - in contrast to doctors' representatives - a clear view:

“Since getting a tattoo has no healing purpose, it counts

Activity also not for the practice of medicine. "


According to this legal opinion, this activity can also be carried out by tradespeople

(as a free trade), numerous trade licenses were granted

the authorities already assigned.

There is therefore very much to suggest that “tattooing” is not something reserved for doctors

Activity is. However, this view is not yet shared by the Supreme Sanitary Council.

From our point of view, this problem can be compared in many areas with “piercing”.

Here, too, there are legal issues (admissibility, clarification, minors and

Liability, bodily harm, etc.).

The general problems:

In Switzerland there is an association of Swiss professional tattooists (VST. Numerous

reputable providers who do this business more or less professionally. Is criticized

from this the hygienic conditions (with the risk of infection, worst

if there is AIDS or hepatitis B + C). That is why the tattoos must be taken under strictly

hygienic conditions and modern equipment. The VST knows

also internal guidelines for its members, neither minors nor

Pregnant women still suffering from an infectious disease can be tattooed.

It is generally essential that work is carried out in a sterile manner and with disposable needles - otherwise they are

Infections - with enormous health effects - possible. Leukemia - and

People with skin diseases should definitely consult their family doctor.

Similar problems arise in Austria.

A lot of young people especially don't think about how long to keep this tattoo

want - remorse often comes a short time later. With modern pigment lasers

but remove tattoos and tattoos. However, the treatment is tedious,

painful and costly.

Unfortunately, there are still no addresses of residents in Austria

Dermatologists who remove tattoos with modern laser technology (different in Germany).

In addition to the general medical and legal problems, there is a

Special problem:

Synthetic inks are used for tattooing, some of which are suspected

to be carcinogenic.

According to a report by Ökotest (11/1998), almost all of the colors that pierced the skin are

become dangerous - they give off carcinogenic substances (AZO - pigments).

23 colors with red and yellow tones were selected for this test, with 20 colors

contained dangerous azo pigments in this test. It was made with normal water

Dissolved substances that lead to carcinogenic aromatic amines. The health one

The problem is that these amines can also get into the bloodstream. Furthermore

Enormous amounts of organohalogen compounds were found to be unhealthy

Substance group are known. Others contained heavy metals (such as nickel), which in certain cases

People cause allergic reactions.

According to our information, these dyes are also used in Austria

Used by tattoo artists.

It is still unclear under which legal regulation tattooing or tattoo inks are used

Permanent make-up fall. Are they subject to the Chemicals Act or the

Food Act or the Cosmetics Ordinance.

This legal uncertainty is shocking, as it is even used for certain textiles

azo dyes was banned. For tattoo and permanent make-up colors

which are injected under the skin of humans, however, does not apply this prohibition


Most of those who offer these services work in an unlawful area. A

Clarification by the responsible Federal Ministry (Federal Ministry of Labor, Health and

Social or BKA) or the legislature is necessary.


The undersigned MPs therefore address the Federal Minister of Justice

following request:



1. Who, in your opinion, is authorized to make tattoos, tattoos (organic or cosmetic

Tattoos) as well as permanent make-up?


2. Is thereby by the relevant active traders against a medical

Violate the right of reservation?


3. Are there any restrictions on who can tattoo for those who are already active in the business

may be? (e.g. minors, pregnant women, sick people, especially leukemia - and

Skin diseases)


4. Have there been criminal proceedings against commercial customers in recent years

active tattooists for quackery or assault?