Shoes are allowed in hand luggage

Top 10 case tricks: this is how everything fits in hand luggage

For a long time now, it is no longer just low-cost airlines such as Easyjet, Ryanair and Co. that offer flights without checked baggage, but also established airlines such as Lufthansa and Air France. You don't need much for a weekend trip anyway, and business travelers generally fly without large suitcases for reasons of time alone. Whether for a business flight, a weekend in London, Paris or Madrid, or a spontaneous beach vacation - with the CHECK24 flight comparison you can use the luggage calculator to display the price difference directly. If you then decide to only take hand luggage with you, our tips will still have everything you need as a traveler for your vacation.

Or backpack or bag

The right packing strategy starts with the right piece of luggage. This includes, on the one hand, asking the airline again about the dimensions of the hand luggage and comparing these with your own suitcase, for example briefly, concisely and clearly in the airline overview from CHECK24. The specifications vary and often a handbag or laptop bag is also allowed in addition to the suitcase. Otherwise, the perfect piece of luggage is not necessarily a sleek trolley case, but sometimes a simple sports bag or backpack. You have to wear them, but are for it Bags and rucksacks are usually lighter. And where no space required for rollers and handle is left more for the content.

If you are already there, the preliminary research for clever travel preparation can be extended straight away. With a short call to the hotel